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Employee Wellness Support ResourcesWhether it’s an individual crisis like a divorce or a widespread crisis like a global pandemic, your employees will encounter times of extreme stress throughout their lifetimes.

The good news? During times of change and uncertainty, a supportive, wellness-oriented workplace community can become a reliable haven of calm and normalcy.

Whatever challenges the world and life bring, the WellRight team is here to support you and your employees’ well-being. So, we’ve put together these wellness resources to help you stay safe, healthy, informed, and engaged, no matter what outside events affect your workplace–and the people within it.

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Managing Stress & Employee Mental Health

The demands of everyday life and work in the modern world are already difficult to manage in the best of times. In times of crisis, they can push your employees to the emotional breaking point.

As we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis can magnify the challenge of balancing childcare or eldercare with meeting work deadlines. World events can heighten financial worries. Adapting to new ways of working and communicating can exacerbate mental strain.

And when most of your waking hours are consumed by video meetings, overseeing at-home education, and scheduling grocery pickups, wellness can fall by the wayside.

The wellness resources on this page are designed to help you and your employees find ways back to mental health well-being when it matters the most—during a crisis.

These videos, articles, and webinars touch on topics such as managing stress, how mindfulness works, mitigating financial uncertainty, and building a culture of mental and physical well-being at your workplace. View our new digital mental health solutions, Animo and TextCoach, to learn how to make mental health care more accessible for your employees.

Addressing the Employee Mental Health Crisis: An Action Guide for Managers


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Working Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 accelerated a change in the working world that was already well underway: a massive shift in how we think about where we do work. The office is losing its supremacy. Now, anywhere there’s an internet connection is a possible workspace, especially the home.

Working from home has several advantages. Many workers believe it helps them balance their work with their outside interests and obligations. Plus, working from home eliminates the commute, one of the most hated aspects of modern professional life.

But remote work is not without its challenges, some of which can cause profound mental stress. For example, when any place can be a workplace, the temptation to never disconnect is strong. Work emails, texts, and chat messages can disrupt evenings, weekends, and even vacations.

Other remote-work difficulties include staying focused during online meetings, managing childcare while working, and assembling an ergonomic workspace.

The wellness resources in this section cover all those topics and offer expert advice on supporting your employees’ physical and emotional well-being—wherever they may be.

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Leadership During Uncertain Times

People naturally turn to their leaders during times of crisis. As a leader in your organization, you set the tone that either reassures your employees … or worsens their worries. You demonstrate your company’s values, whether that means working to the point of exhaustion or prioritizing well-being and balance.

Leadership during difficult times is an incredible responsibility. The following wellness resources will help you prepare to guide your organization through uncertainty and down the path to health, engagement, and success.

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