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WellRight's team is passionate about wellness and helping our clients reach their goals through collaboration. On a typical day, you might find our team designing a personalized wellness program, discussing the latest selection for the monthly book club, participating in a 5k, or working on a group wellness challenge.

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“We all do this because we know there is a real opportunity to help people.”
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Our values

At WellRight, we’re passionate about helping people become their best selves so that organizations can be their very best.

We believe that people will grow, and grow quickly, when they are given a supportive environment and the right tools.

We know that when people are healthy, happy, and have purpose, it has a ripple effect. And this ripple effect benefits their workplace, their home life, and their community.


Our Leadership Team

Meet the members of the executive leadership team at WellRight.
Leadership Page_Neepa

Neepa Patel

Chief Executive Officer
Leadership Page_Philippe_updated

Philippe Lunardelli

Chief Financial Officer
Leadership Page_Paul_new

Paul Danao

Chief Growth Officer
Leadership Page_Don

Don Fitzgibbons

Chief Business Development Officer
Leadership Page_Shailesh_Update

Shailesh Ganatra

Chief Technology Officer
Leadership Page_K. Andrew_new

K. Andrew Crighton

Chief Medical Officer
Leadership Page_Tracy

Tracy Roth

Vice President, Customer Success
Leadership Page_Alice

Alice Raflores

Vice President, People and Culture

Our Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Managers work with our customers every step of the way to ensure their wellness programs are a success.


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