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Strategic Partners Every Step of the Way

Wellbeing is a high-priority, high-visibility focus for today’s workplaces. The quality and relevance of your program will make or break participant engagement, but it can be overwhelming to build the right one to meet your company’s distinct needs.

With WellRight, you are never alone. We work with you every step of the way. Our team helps you craft your vision and bring it to life—from strategy and planning to launch and beyond. Your Customer Success Manager is a partner who’s there to make sure every aspect of your program aligns with your goals and meets and exceeds your expectations.

We share the most current wellbeing strategies and resources, provide examples and case studies that match your organization and participants, and deliver insight from working with companies of all sizes and industries. Our focus is ensuring your program fits your organization perfectly—your plan, your way.



  • Understand your organization’s culture and unique needs
  • Define success and set goals





  • Integrate data from existing partners and resources
  • Set up customized program management tools



  • Advise on administrator training and participant communications
  • Provide ongoing guidance to evolve as needs and trends change
“We approach every implementation and launch as if we are in our clients' shoes. We think two steps ahead and plan for problems that may or may not even exist yet. If we can provide a solution that feels good for our clients and our team, then we've done our job.”
Tracy Roth
Vice President of Customer Success, WellRight

Customer Success at WellRight

Our certified wellbeing specialists are proactive partners who serve as an extension of your wellbeing team. Their priorities are to help you establish and achieve your goals, provide ongoing support and guidance, and pivot and scale your program as your needs change.

Your WellRight team will guide you through the implementation process—advising on best practices and launch plans. Going forward, you’ll meet regularly to review the program, analyze results, and make improvements.


Combining our strategic and creative thought and your goals—to realize your vision and develop the best possible program for your participants.



Ready to support you every step of the way as you plan and implement your program—from design through launch, training, and communications.


At the forefront of what wellbeing is today—and paving the path for what it will be tomorrow with continuous improvement and thought leadership.


Meet Our Customer Success Team

“We needed a strong implementation team and a seamless implementation process, and the WellRight team provided the service, expertise, and technology to accomplish our goals.”
Brandy Parker
Manager of Health and Welfare Benefits, Travel + Leisure Co.

Experience WellRight Your Way

If you’re looking for a proactive, strategic partner and trusted advisor to help you put together a customized program both participants and administrators will love, we can’t wait to work with you.

The WellRight platform enables the ideal wellbeing program for your specific needs. Find out how to make it your own—from branding to communications, activities to rewards, and resources to reports.