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Make a Healthy Difference. Every Day.

A Flexible Platform for Health Systems of All Sizes

With high rates of employee burnout and attrition, keeping your workforce healthy and happy is among the top challenges for today’s health systems. And the benefits extend beyond your organization to the wider community and employer groups you serve.

Wellbeing programs are impactful—but only if they balance easy usability with engaging activities, promote meaningful change, and drive a true sense of community.

WellRight's enterprise-class solution excites and engages participants. It gives administrators the power to shape a tailored program for your healthcare workers and a value-added offering for external groups. The platform’s easy accessibility enables you to focus less on administration and more on your people—to retain your workforce, foster community health, and reach your wellbeing goals.

Serve Your Healthcare Workers and Community with One Solution



Get a fast, hassle-free start and easy administration, with seamless integration and platform customization.


Optimize and deliver a participant experience that drives results, with segmented communications, easy event scheduling, and benefit integrations.


Stay relevant with easily updated, personalized programming, to satisfy employees today and evolve for the future.


Reach employees when it matters with comprehensive health risk assessment, wellness coaching, and biometric health screenings.


Inform your organization’s wellbeing strategy and goals with actionable information from a comprehensive suite of reports.

Our strategic, consultative approach guides you from design to launch and beyond.

Invest in the Communities You Serve


Create a Culture of Wellbeing

50% of clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers report burnout1


Empower clinicians and staff with the tools and motivation to practice healthy habits and overcome the physical and mental health challenges of their work environment, so they can focus on elevating patient care and serving the wider community.

Drive Retention of Your Healthcare Workers

3x the likelihood employees will stay if they experience high levels of workplace wellbeing2

Inspire employees to rekindle their passion and purpose, with flexible, fun wellness programming, holistic wellbeing resources, and life coaching—accessible wherever and whenever it fits into their round-the-clock schedule.

Deliver Multi-Faceted VOI to Your Community and Bottom Line

of companies with wellbeing initiatives report reduced absenteeism


When long-term investments in wellbeing are prioritized, organizations see a positive impact on absenteeism, stress, productivity, healthcare costs, morale, retention, and more.


Create Your Plan Your Way

The WellRight platform enables the ideal wellbeing program for your unique needs. Make it your own—from branding to communications, activities to rewards, and resources to reports. Utilize WellRight’s unique content and integrate it with your own content and programming—easily and seamlessly.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For it

Case In Point


Losing Their Wellbeing Platform, Tidelands Gains A Golden Opportunity For Improvement

See how WellRight’s quick, “can-do” response kept the momentum going while building a new, better-than-ever program.

"The support from the team and WellRight is beyond measure. With the flexibility to accommodate what we need, WellRight is always updating their system with new features. It is encouraging to see those improvements and a company always striving for more."
Renee Shore
Director EAP & Wellness, Tidelands Health

Optimize the WellRight Platform for Your Health System

Find out just how flexible and customizable your program can be. WellRight helps you foster a culture of wellbeing, design an engaging program, and create value for employees and your bottom line.

1 Journal of General Internal Medicine, “The Association of Work Overload with Burnout and Intent to Leave the Job Across the Healthcare Workforce During COVID-19,” March 2023

2 Great Place to Work/Johns Hopkins, “Employee Wellbeing Research Study,” 2022

3 HR Research Institute, “The Current State and Future of Employee Well-being 2023,” June 2023