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Customizable Platform

Does Your Workplace Wellness Program Need Work?

It’s Time for a Custom-Made Wellbeing Program 

The WellRight platform empowers you to shape a company wellness program that helps reach your goals. And it integrates seamlessly with your existing solutions, vendor partners, processes, and content, so you can keep what you know and love. 


Why Customize?

  • Keep retention strong by showing participants you care about workplace wellness.
  • Amplify your brand with a familiar experience and a sense of belonging.
  • Foster lasting change by nurturing healthier habits for positive health outcomes.

An Administrator’s Dream

Customization is simple and quick. The platform is easy to launch and even easier to change at a moment’s notice—perfectly suited for self-administration. Or work with our strategic wellbeing consultants to tailor your program for the best fit. And we’ll help you refresh and reimagine as you grow. 

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Person in bright blue tshirt sitting cross-legged on yoga mat in yoga pose with laptop open in front of him

Remote Workplace Wellness for Hybrid Employees 

With web, mobile app, wearable, and texting options, participants can engage anywhere, anytime, so their wellbeing journey is an integrated part of everyday life. 

The Results Are In

WellRight has helped thousands of companies like yours see outcomes like these.
decrease in wellness program admin time
decrease in pre-diabetes rates
increase in engagement
employee participation in the first year

Get a Fresh Take on Wellbeing for Your Organization

5 Ways to Make Your Program Uniquely Yours

Build a customized company wellness program on our adaptable platform to precisely match your organization’s personality and needs. 


Bring your company spirit to life with your own logo, brand colors, and unique program activities.


Communicate authentically and consistently with your company’s own messaging when, where, and how it best serves your population.


Select the most relevant activities for your participants’ needs and interests or create your own.

Incentives and Rewards

Focus your recognition program on meaningful incentives that resonate most with your participants.


Access comprehensive data and reporting 24/7 for maximum insight into your program any time, anywhere.

Set Up and Manage Your Workplace Wellness
Program, Your Way

Program Management

Program Management

Get a quick start, with minimal support required from IT for configuration, integration, training, or support ramp-up. Activities are already preloaded, with new ones ready in just minutes. 

Cloud-based online administration is efficient and convenient, with built-in scheduling, event, and email communication tools. And we can incorporate your established health and wellness benefits, promoting alignment and consistency across your initiatives. 

Screen shot of WellRight Challenges




Improve and optimize your company wellness program and make data-driven decisions to improve engagement with actionable insights from a range of metrics with on-demand, self-serve reports. Program and platform engagement metrics are presented on insightful and easy-to-read dashboards to monitor health risk assessment and biometric health screening completion, activity participation, and rewards. You also have visibility into participant demographics and health risks through HIPAA-compliant reporting, with role-based access. 

Screen shot of WellRight charts


Participant Communications

Participant Communications

Build engagement with targeted, relevant communications. The platform’s built-in email and texting tool makes it easy to connect with your wellness program participants. You can share timely, focused announcements using filters to target a group or all participants, all from within the platform. Activities come with a pre-built email series for additional touch points. Participants can also choose to receive text tracking reminders and messages. 

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White Labeling

White Labeling

Make your program your own by using your organization’s logo, brand colors, and custom images. Brokers, benefits consultants, and resellers can white-label the platform to provide custom branding for clients. 

Customize the platform across the web and mobile apps for a seamless experience: 

  • Home page
  • Login pages
  • Announcement banners and news flashes
  • Email and text communications
  • Activities
  • Custom education courses
  • Resource hub

WellRight log in screen


Between the flexibility, the responsiveness of the WellRight team, and the never-ending variety, we’re getting amazing results, including a staggering four percent drop in pre-diabetes rates.
Samara Timms
Director of Benefits and Wellness, PLNU

Case in Point

Point Loma Nazarene University logo 1902

WellRight Helps PLNU
Achieve Extraordinary
Health Outcomes

Hear from Point Loma Nazarene University faculty, staff, and benefits administrators about the WellRight experience and its value for individuals and the school. 

Transform Wellbeing for Your Organization 

Find out how easy it is to customize the WellRight platform to meet the unique needs of your participants and reach your organization’s wellbeing goals.