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Personalized Content

Content Is King for a Flexible Employee Wellness Program

Personalize the Experience for Every Participant

Empower your participants to take charge of their wellbeing journey. The WellRight platform can target programming based on personal interests, health conditions, and needs across the six dimensions of wellbeing. Participants can follow and celebrate their progress along the way. And family is welcome to participate in activities and coaching, for a deeper personal experience. 
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Why Personalize?
  • Strengthen employee loyalty by supporting each individual’s unique wellbeing journey.

  • Boost engagement with a wealth of activity choices and educational resources.

  • Improve health outcomes with targeted recommendations and individual coaching. 

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Meet Participants Where They Are 

Our platform offers the flexibility to meet each participant wherever they are on their wellbeing journey. And they can engage anywhere, anytime with web, mobile app, wearable, and texting options.  

5 Ways to Personalize Your Program

Build a flexible wellness program on our adaptable platform to precisely match your organization’s goals and population needs. 

Health Risk Assessment

Provide a personalized health profile from our NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment with recommendations based on responses to questions across the dimensions of holistic wellbeing.


Give individualized assistance with integrated coaching for participants and their families.

Care Pathways

Empower participants to target health risks for chronic conditions, through education and practice for healthier habits.

Individualized Programs

Develop diverse wellness programs for the varied and changing needs of your participants –including out-of-the-box programs for each dimension of wellbeing and DEI.


Make WellRight a one-stop shop for all things wellbeing by adding your other vendors, point solutions, documents, forms and more—easily accessed in one place for a great participant experience and increased engagement across your wellbeing resources.

Enrich Your Wellbeing Program, Your Way


WellRight has hundreds of individual and group activities that can be customized or created from scratch. From nutrition to mindfulness, leadership to fitness, the environment to finances, there’s something for everyone. 

Incentives and recognition spur motivation and increase engagement. Points earned from activities completed can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards. Our rewards mall seamlessly connects your program to reward redemptions. 

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By exploring new ideas and putting them into practice, people apply what they learn in a truly meaningful way. 

WellRight programs are topic-specific modules that feature video learning components taught by leaders in their fields, paired with engaging activities. We offer built-in programs for all the dimensions of wellbeing—from healthy weight to financial wellness to work/life balance to DEI. You can also create your own programs. 

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Care Pathways
Care Pathways

Identify and target health conditions and biometric risks based on screening results or the Health Risk Assessment and offer personalized guidance, including education and practice. 

We provide out-of-the-box programming for diabetes, heart disease, weight management, anxiety, and depression. You can also create your own. Once a participant is placed into a care pathway, the platform serves up relevant education courses and activities along with announcements for custom promotions, news-flash calls to action, and targeted text or email communications to promote engagement.  

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Digital Education

Digital Education

WellRight gives participants web and mobile access to a wealth of education materials to gain practical knowledge and inspiration, learning at their own pace. 

The platform includes a vast library of wellbeing content, including hundreds of videos, articles, and courses. We offer dozens of curriculums and nearly 300 medically reviewed individual classes to complement and augment your own materials. You can also upload your company’s resources to the library. 

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WellRight helps us sustain engagement and keep employees coming back for more. When we collaborate with our WellRight team, we always come up with new ideas that keep us on track with our larger company goals.
Zach Johnson
Wellness Program Manager, ScanSource
Case in Point


ScanSource Reaches Their Goal of Accessible, Personalized, Holistic Wellness 

Find out how they used the WellRight platform to create a highly personalized program and adopt a “productivity anywhere” work model.  

Transform Wellbeing for Your Organization

Find out how easy it is to personalize content on the WellRight platform to meet the
unique needs of your participants and reach your organization’s wellbeing goals.