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Your Plan, Your Way

Workplace Wellbeing and Employee Engagement Tie the Knot

Design Your Program to Attract Both

Your company is unique and your WellRight platform will be too. We work closely with you to set goals and design a program that aligns with your company mission, vision, and values. And we’ll collaborate on a tailored high-engagement strategy to meet participants where they are and spur participation. 

Employee wellbeing is low.
Engagement is in trouble.
Together they can move
the needle.

WellRight’s comprehensive, highly configurable solution gives you the tools, confidence, and support to launch the program you envision and start building engagement right away. We make it easy for you to shape your program to suit your organizationyour way. And with seamless integration you can include your existing partners, giving employees the convenience of centralized benefits and familiar applications.
Woman perched on a corner of a computer desk explaining a concept to four people seated around her
Only 32% are engaged with their work 1
Only 16% of employees are in a state of high wellbeing 2
43% of organizations with wellbeing initiatives report greater employee engagement 3
1 Great Place To Work and Johns Hopkins University.” Employee Wellbeing Research Study,” 2022. 
2 Gallup. “U.S. Employee Engagement Slump Continues,” April 2022. 
3 HR Research Institute. “The Current State and Future of Employee Well-being 2023,” June 2023. 

Redefine Flexibility

WellRight is a feature-rich platform that drives engagement. But a program is only as good as its sustainability over time. To keep members actively participating, it must stay relevant, fresh, and fun. We’ve built all the capabilities you need to take employee engagement into the future. 

of participants report the program helped them reach their goals 4

Add and Replace Activities

Focus on activities with high participation to target employee interests and your engagement goals.

Reflect Brand Evolution

Stay current with your company’s “look and feel,” including logo, colors, and messaging updates.

Enrich Education Resources

Feature timely topics and courses that are up to date on the latest research and wellbeing trends.

Update Programs and Care Pathways

Support the issues your employees are facing as new health challenges emerge across the six dimensions of wellbeing.

Adjust Metrics and Reporting

Get the data most important to you at any given time for optimal insight into participation and progress.
report continuing their habits post-activities 4
4 WellRight internal data
The simple, easy-to-understand layout of the WellRight platform was a huge selling point that helped draw employees to our wellness program. Employees could easily sign up for the program, track their results, and redeem rewards. They also loved the text alerts to help them stay on track.
Amanda Augustine
Director of Corporate Wellness,

Indiana Regional Medical Center

See How Our Customers Use the Your Plan Your Way Approach

Transform Wellbeing for Your Organization

Find out how easy and engaging the WellRight platform is. WellRight helps you design and evolve a program that sparks employee engagement now and for the future.