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Close Gaps in Care

A High-Value, Configurable Platform for Health Plans and TPAs

What if you could deliver a meaningful experience to each of your clients with one wellbeing solution?

Lasting health is not achieved overnight. To build a strong foundation, you need to serve clients with a wellbeing approach that motivates them long-term. WellRight’s enterprise-class platform easily adapts to health plan and TPA needs, improves your total value offering, and sets you apart from your competitors.

Our high-touch solution excites and engages members, while giving administrators the power to shape a tailored member experience. It includes advanced technology, seamless integration to existing solutions and vendor partners, and member-specific program personalization.

WellRight partners with you to create a solution for lasting results. From fully supported start-up customization to efficient program management and real-time actionable reporting, our agile platform can help you evolve as your organizations do.

Win-win-win: For Members, for Employers, for You



Get full implementation support, ongoing guidance from credentialed experts, and platform customization.


Stay relevant with ultra-flexible, member-specific programming and accessible tracking at home or on the go.


Improve population health and cost management over time with actionable reporting accessible to administrators, wellness coaches, and care managers.


Optimize and deliver a member experience that drives results, with targeted communications, easy event scheduling, and benefit integrations.


Close gaps and reach members when it matters with comprehensive health risk assessment, wellness coaching, and biometric health screenings.

Our strategic, consultative approach guides you and your clients from design to launch and beyond.

Invest in Healthier Lives for All Your Populations


Keep Member Satisfaction Growing

40% of organizations have wellbeing in their top 10 HR priorities 1


Wellbeing programs are table stakes. The WellRight platform meets evolving expectations for personalized, fun wellness plans that engage, educate, track, and reward for healthier choices and enduring change.

Improve Population Health Outcomes

6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease2

Wellbeing programs promote preventive care, address chronic conditions, and support behavioral health, while empowering individuals to take charge of their wellbeing. WellRight’s holistic focus helps members boost their overall wellbeing and bridge the gaps between current and future health.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Only 23% of organizations say their wellness programs are highly effective


WellRight’s customization options, flexible reporting, and data insights keep your program relevant and engaging, while a distinctive, white-labeled offering differentiates you from other plans. Plus, the WellRight program delivers multi-faceted ROI to your employer clients. 


Create Your Plan Your Way

The WellRight platform provides the ideal wellbeing program for your unique needs, whether for your membership or an employer client. Make it your own—from branding to communications, activities to rewards, and resources to reports.

Case In Point


Meritain Health revamps their wellbeing program with new responsiveness and flexibility

See how WellRight’s scalable solution and hands-on customer success team enabled effective population health management, delivering cost containment to employer clients, while honoring each employee’s unique journey to wellness. 

"I’m most proud of our ability to serve clients quickly and efficiently. The site makes it so easy, and you wouldn’t know where WellRight stops and Healthy Merits begins."
Erica Manhardt
Director of Product, Population Health, Business Communications & Creative Services, Meritain Health

Learn how to customize the WellRight platform for your members and your clients’ organizations.

Optimize the WellRight Platform for Your Health Plan

Find out just how flexible and customizable your program can be. WellRight helps you satisfy members, improve population health, and keep your clients competitive.

1 HR Research Institute, “The Current State and Future of Employee Well-being 2023,” June 2023

2 Centers for Disease Control and prevention

https://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/infographic/chronic-diseases.htm, accessed August 2023