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Health Plan Transforms Employer Wellbeing Program With WellRight’s Platform

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Needing More Flexibility and Responsiveness

Identifying the Challenge:
Meritain Health serves over one million members nationwide, providing plan administration and innovative behavioral health, wellness, medical, disease, network, pharmacy and cost management services. Their approach to population health management is unique in that they integrate health risks, wellness programming participation, and claims data to calculate total cost of care for their employer clients and communities.

Their online wellness program, called Healthy Merits, had been around since 2006, but the platform had limitations. “We were never able to offer the level of responsiveness and flexibility we knew this type of platform should have,” says Erica Manhardt Director of Product, Population Health, Business Communications & Creative Services. In particular, the program was a standalone and didn’t integrate with other programs, and it made responding to client questions and concerns quite time-consuming.

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I’m most proud of our ability to serve clients quickly and efficiently. The site makes it so easy, and you wouldn’t know where WellRight stops and Healthy Merits begins.
Erica Manhardt
Director of Product, Population Health, Business Communications & Creative Services, Meritain Health

Finding a Silent Partner

Considering the Options:

Erica and her team began to explore options across the market. They were looking for a scalable solution that would allow Meritain to deliver cost-containment to their employer clients and still honor each employee’s unique journey to wellness. The solution also had to be transparent. “We needed it to look and feel like Meritain Health and Healthy Merits,” Erica explains.

That’s what made partnering with WellRight an easy decision. WellRight’s wellness platform can be white labelled to merge into the company culture. From a functional perspective, the Meritain team felt that WellRight “meets people where they are and has avenues to get everyone involved, as well as address some of those significant cost drivers.”

A Simple and Progressive Wellness Program

Building a Solution:

From the very beginning, Erica and her team knew they made the right choice. Training was so intuitive and easy to follow that the team was able to quickly build their updated Healthy Merits Wellness Program that now includes an app.

One big victory for Erica’s team is they can now set up and customize a new client in 30 days—a vast improvement.

“We may be wellness people, but we know logging on every day to a website to track stuff isn’t ideal,” Erica admits. “We’re going to use our phones. We’re going to use texts. Having an app that is a branded experience was so important.” The text functionality and omni-channel format has made it easier to send and receive reminders and program communication.

Each client program is now totally unique and a reflection of individual company culture—from baseball, green gardening, and disease management specific challenges to incentives that improve overall participation. One big victory for Erica’s team is they can now set up and customize a new client in 30 days—a vast improvement.

Delivering Wellness and Value

Loving the Results:

Meritain could not be more pleased with the results of implementing WellRight’s wellness platform. The updated Healthy Merits Wellness Program delivers even more value to Meritain’s clients and helps them prove that population health management solutions really do work. This is especially evident in the client feedback Meritain has received since they’ve moved to the WellRight platform. “We did extensive surveys, and we have testimonials to show how happy people are with the experience,” says Erica.

Here are a few of those client reviews:

Prior to partnering with Meritain Health, our organization never had a wellness program. Our employees enjoyed the quarterly challenges and began to seek out activities they could do on their own. Tracking devices soon became very popular. The success of our wellness program would not be what it is if not for the strong partnership with Healthy Merits personnel. Our wellness plan strategist has been key to the success of our program."
HR Manager
Financial Company
I love the Healthy Merits Wellness Program because they manage our biometric screenings each year, as well as track the employee wellness credits throughout the year. My wellness coach is amazing! She meets with me and my wellness committee to assist us in designing our wellness credit program for the entire year. I am so happy to be partnering with Meritain Health as my benefits administrator.
Benefits Representative
Military Retail Exchange Company
About three years ago, I completed my annual physical, as required by my employer as part of the Healthy Merits Wellness Program. My results showed my PSA with an abnormal jump, and it was suggested I visit a urologist, who diagnosed me with prostate cancer. I received treatment, and because I caught it in the early stages, it did not spread. As of today, I am still cancer-free. The wellness exam helped me catch this condition before it could become a much bigger problem!
Meritain Health

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