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The Twofold Advantage of Third-Party Integrations

Health and wellness is not a one-size-fits-all. To address the diverse needs of your participants, your team might use multiple vendor solutions. And, in many cases, your organization will want to keep these solutions and add new ones as your benefits program evolves.

Your corporate wellness program should provide a place to streamline your holistic strategy. WellRight can integrate your solutions to make navigation between benefit resources easy for participants and provide actionable data to increase engagement and improve wellbeing program management for administrators.

The ability to integrate external content, applications, and data is essential to preserve the capabilities you need today and add new ones to stay relevant going forward. It gives you the freedom to thoughtfully incorporate each of the six dimensions of wellbeing and take advantage of new services based on wellbeing advancements.

Partnerships Your Way

The WellRight platform makes integration simple and enables alignment and consistency across multiple health and wellness initiatives.

We offer established integrations and partnerships with a set of best-in-class companies to enrich your wellbeing program. You get more features and personalized choices for participants, with the convenience of a unified platform for administrators. And our expert team is there to ensure your transition goes smoothly.

Beyond our own ecosystem, our platform has the ability to work with your vendors your way to deliver an integrated and engaging experience.

Biometric Health Screening

eHealthScreenings logo

ehealthScreenings is a technology-enabled biometric health screenings company that serves organizations of any size, from any industry, across the U.S. Through our platform, we can conduct secure, automated, and accurate biometric health screening services that are fully integrated with WellRight. Our mission is to identify health conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed and also help companies and wellness partners enhance their benefits package while saving money and improving health outcomes.

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Data Analytics and Reporting

63d9ca6ad91e4897f5bc58e2_Springbuk Logo

Springbuk is a leading-edge health analytics intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to sharpen their benefits strategy, advance employee health, and contain costs. The innovative solution offers deep analytic insights, allows data-informed decision-making, and provides curated action steps and strategic direction to maximize return on employee benefit investments.

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Health Coaching

Marquee Health logo (400 x 132)

Marquee Health’s National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches provide a human touchpoint to round out the overall WellRight behavior change process. Through one-on-one engagement with WellRight members, Marquee’s graduate-level health coaches offer support with 14 different coaching programs ranging from tobacco cessation and heart health to stress management and personalized nutrition. Coaches follow an evidence-based approach by employing positive psychology, SMART goal setting, and other behavioral approaches to cultivate members’ self-confidence and self-efficacy, ultimately resulting in improved outcomes and behaviors.

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Digital Mental Health Solutions

Animo logo

Animo is an innovative digital behavioral health product that offers evidence-based content, practical resources, and daily inspiration to foster meaningful and lasting behavior change. The platform, which is based on the underlying principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), provides a variety of self-directed dynamic resources that improve emotional fitness, reduce the stigma associated with mental health treatment, and enhance overall wellbeing.

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Textcoach logo

Textcoach™ is a secure and stigma-free messaging platform that allows participants to conveniently connect with a licensed mental health counselor to address mental and emotional health concerns. Textcoach™ helps participants boost emotional fitness and wellbeing through an exchange of text-based dialogue, voice notes, resource links, and video lessons.

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Fitness Classes and Resources

Wellbeats logo

Wellbeats Wellness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., is the premier solution for on-demand, virtual wellness classes and programs, offering employers a wide range of top-quality resources tailored to their employees’ specific needs, lifestyles, and schedules. With 1,200+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes and 60+ goal-oriented programs, all led by certified instructors, Wellbeats ensures equal opportunities for employees of all ages and abilities to lead healthier lives, because wellbeing can’t wait.

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Rewards and Incentives Marketplace


The Achievers Employee Experience Platform™ is built to meet the needs of the changing workforce. With flexibility and agility, companies can connect employees and build a culture of belonging no matter where they are in the world. It includes high-frequency recognition, best-in-class rewards, and employee feedback. Employees can redeem rewards on the Achievers global marketplace featuring 3M+ reward options with 2,500 local brands in +190 countries. With the Achievers high-usage platform, companies can realize higher adoption and impact of their wellness programs throughout their employee population.

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Digital Rewards and Payments

Tango logo

Tango is a digital rewards and payments company that helps customers deliver joy to their recipients. They help businesses of all sizes manage their reward, incentive, and payment programs—while saving valuable time and money. The Tango team offers world-class customer service and free recipient support. Best of all, Tango provides exceptional security and anti-fraud services, plus enhanced compliance and scalability for program protection now and in the future. And, in most cases, the cost is only the face value of the rewards or payments—no markups, no transaction fees, no nonsense.

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Healthcare Advocacy

Accolade logo_

Accolade is the leading provider of care delivery, navigation, and advocacy services to help every person live their healthiest life. Its Personalized Healthcare approach is personal, data-driven, and value-based. Using proprietary intelligent technology, Accolade's care teams build long-lasting personal relationships with everyone they serve, delivering an exceptional healthcare experience. WellRight is one of the companies in the Accolade Trusted Partner Ecosystem


Bereavement Solutions



Empathy is a personalized bereavement solution built to help employees deal with the many administrative, emotional, legal, and financial challenges they face after a loved one passes away. Recognized as a Top Digital Health Company by CB Insights and as a Most Innovative Company by Fast Company, Empathy’s tools and services save each family an average of 189 hours and over $3,000.

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Health IoT Platform

Validic logo

Validic Inc. is a digital health and personalized care company devoted to improving the quality of human life by making personal data actionable. With the world’s largest health IoT platform and EHR-embedded remote care application, Validic Inc. helps healthcare organizations give every person tailored interventions and personalized care, improving healthcare efficiency and delivery and empowering people to play an active role in their health and wellbeing.

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Increase Your Program’s Lasting Value

Find out how tightly integrated our partners’ applications are with the WellRight platform and how easy it can be to integrate yours.