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Our Company

We Are a Force of Nature—and Nurture

Companies are much more than their brand or products or services. They’re communities of individuals with different circumstances, needs, and experiences. Our mission is to nurture wellbeing in the workplace through one powerful, flexible solution that empowers each person to follow their own wellbeing journey.

Investing in employee wellbeing makes sense. When people know their company cares, they’re happier, healthier, and more engaged—making for a more productive workplace with lower healthcare costs and better retention. 

We deliver corporate wellness programs that help people find the motivation and develop the habits they need to effect meaningful, lasting change. 

When people are at their best, so are organizations. Nothing makes us happier than to see wellbeing take root and grow—in our clients’ organizations and our own. 

Employees participating with Food for Today event

Our Aspirations Are Our Everyday

At WellRight, we have heartfelt values and do our best to live them in all we do. 

We Believe…

Driving with purpose and passion is the fastest, surest way to spark innovation for our customers. Wellbeing is evolving and we’re helping to power it. 


Three women working with flip charts, smiling
WellRight CEO with others in a conference room, smiling

We Believe… 

Bringing our best to win as one is the secret sauce of success. We work hard and smart, and most importantly—together. 


We Believe… 

Engaging with authenticity and curiosity keeps it real and builds strong relationships. We learn humbly and often from our colleagues, customers, and the wider world. 


Close up of woman in dark framed glasses holding a small cactus in a white pot
WellRight employees volunteering at a Nourishing Hope event

We Believe… 

Savoring the journey means taking time to reflect, recharge, and reimagine. We value our community—and also the experience of growing as individuals. 


Get to Know the People Who Are Helping Transform Wellbeing

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Does WellRight Sound Like a Place You’d Thrive?

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