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Integrated Coaching

Inspire Lasting Change

Wellness coaching is the perfect complement to your wellbeing program and can increase its value significantly. 

Coaching is seamlessly integrated with the WellRight platform, offering unlimited access to participants and their families by telephone, email, text, webchat, or video. 

Coaches can create personalized goals, assign activities, and track progress. Participants and coaches work together to set goals, develop healthy habits, and sustain results. 

We use an individualized problem-solving approach that identifies a participant’s readiness to change and meets them where they are. Coaches are assigned based on individual needs, and services include coordinated referrals to other health management resources, when needed.  

We also offer health coaching as an outcomes alternative for those unable to participate in a standard program. 

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All of our health coaches are certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)

Putting the focus on participants

of program participants were satisfied or very satisfied with their coaching experience
of program participants are confident they can maintain their new healthy habits long term

Coaching Builds Motivation and Sparks Results


Fosters a holistic approach to wellbeing:

Coaches are trained to see the interconnectedness of multiple life and health factors.

Offers individualized attention:

Even with a highly personalized wellness program, there’s no substitute for one-on-one focus and encouragement.

Promotes a deeper understanding of health data:

A professional’s eye helps interpret biometric health screening results and health assessment analysis.

Makes tough goals achievable:

Support and compassion can make all the difference in accountability and momentum.

Has measurable impact:

Wellness coaching boosts individual health outcomes and enriches your organization’s collective culture of wellbeing.

Designed for Coaches by Coaches 

Instead of trying to figure out what coaches need, we went right to the source—working directly with coaches to develop an intuitive and feature-rich setup to simplify goal tracking and better serve their participants.
If your organization has in-house wellbeing coaches, they can use the WellRight coaching platform to provide a complete wellbeing platform. 
Integrated Scheduling

Integrated Scheduling

  • Schedule coach- or participant-initiated sessions right in the platform. 

  • Create multi-session types and time allotments. 

  • Determine session availability, even across all of a coach’s entities. 

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Efficient Management

Efficient Management

  • Analyze participant demographics and create targeted outreach lists based on health risks. 

  • Update session logs during or after sessions. 

  • Produce coaching-specific reports to look at overall engagement and success.  

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Enhanced Accountability

Enhanced Accountability

  • Create programs informed by risk factors or health conditions. 

  • Assign digital education modules. 

  • Incentivize achievements with rewards.  

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Participants are Talking

My health coach gave me ideas I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise when it came to my overall wellbeing. They were always there with helpful tips and ideas of how to live a more balanced life.
Benjamin Moore
Thanks to health coaching, my eating habits and overall quality of life have improved. They have equipped me with the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle whether I am working or on vacation. Even my support system at home has gotten involved!
Cheniere Energy
My health coach catered resources to my individual needs and was supportive by following up to make sure they were actually working for me. Health coaching was beneficial for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing.
South Point Financial
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See the Platform in Action

We also offer specialized help for emotional health and wellbeing, including TextCoach™ mental health counseling with an independently licensed clinician via secure text messaging. 

Support the Wellbeing Journey 

Enhance your wellbeing program with integrated wellness coaching that’s
meaningful and convenient for participants.