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Financial Wellness: What It Is and Why It Matters

On-Demand Webinar

While the personal finance industry primarily focuses on the basics (or "how-to’s") of money management, individuals are often left without the tools needed to manage the emotional side of finances. As such, many individuals are deterred from participating in meaningful financial wellbeing programs, which are designed to foster wellbeing by incorporating financial self-care benefits and practices. 

In the workplace, it's essential to help employees understand their wider financial picture, giving them the knowledge they need to create individualized financial plans and ensuring emotions are balanced when engaging with money.

But the key to helping employees achieve financial wellness? Embracing financial self-care, which incorporates easy, individual tasks that foster growth, personal and professional development, and ultimately, engagement.

In this workshop, financial therapist and founder of Mind Money Balance, LLC, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, will break down what financial wellness looks like, provide practice exercises that highlight financial wellness in action, and share ideas on how you can offer more inclusive financial wellness benefits that help employees thrive.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What financial wellness is and why its emotionally-inclusive approach helps with money management 
  • Strategies for identifying thoughts and emotions that arise in practicing a financial self-care exercise
  • Ideas for incorporating financial wellness practices in the workplace 


About Our Presenter


Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin (she/her) is a biracial certified financial therapist and wellness expert, speaker, and author of the book "The Financial Anxiety Solution." A practicing LMSW since 2012, she uses a shame-free approach to help people balance their minds and money by focusing on the intersection of money and mental health.

While financial literacy is important, Lindsay champions the belief that money is rooted in emotions and impacted by the systems around us. She is regularly asked for her down-to-earth take on financial wellness for outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, Vox, Forbes, Self, and NPR.

Lindsay earned her Bachelor's in Sociology and Master’s in Social Work with certificates in Financial Social Work and Financial Therapy. She lives with her partner and their dog on the occupied land of the Anishinaabe, also known as Michigan.

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