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Accessible, Personalized, and Holistic Wellbeing Boosts Employee Engagement



Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Greenville, SC, ScanSource, Inc. has been a leading hybrid distributor connecting devices to the cloud and accelerating growth for customers across hardware, SaaS, connectivity and cloud.

From the beginning, ScanSource has held employee well-being in high regard. Company leadership has always led by example—getting involved in on-site initiatives and encouraging employees to do the same. However, when the pandemic inevitably distributed their workforce, their in-place wellness strategy could no longer keep pace with the changing landscape.

Zach Johnson, Wellness Program Manager at ScanSource, described ScanSource’s wellness strategy as robust, but in need of a more well-rounded and modern platform.“We were looking for a platform that was more user-friendly and engaging,” explained Johnson. “We wanted something that took our holistic approach to wellness and made it better through a program that allowed employees to build out their own wellness path.”

After researching several different providers, ScanSource found WellRight—a comprehensive wellness solution that offered more than a yearly steps challenge, centralized benefits and resources in one accessible location, and customized activities based on individual wellness needs.

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WellRight helps us sustain engagement and keep employees coming back for more.
Zach Johnson
Wellness Program Manager, ScanSource

User Friendly and Scalable Wellness Platform

The Ask:
The pandemic brought on a new way of working for ScanSource, who adopted a “productivity anywhere” work model. 

For ScanSource, forgoing a wellness strategy altogether while adjusting to this new way of working was not an option. On top of the changes brought on by the pandemic, the decision to evaluate new wellness vendors and continue to support employees’ wellness journeys came at an opportune time, marking a clear need for a platform that was not only scalable, but remote-friendly, personalized, and teeming with wellness activities that employees could get excited about.

A program that was once bound to the Greenville, SC area and focused mainly on physical well-being, ScanSource wanted something more holistic in nature. The company sought activities that covered all pillars of wellness, including:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental/Emotional
  3. Financial
  4. Social
  5. Occupational
  6. Purpose

Next, it was vital for ScanSource to get more granular with its needs to better understand how to support its workforce through a time of change.

Engagement and Personalization

In its search for a holistic and scalable wellness vendor that could reinforce its unique health and wellness goals, ScanSource came to the table with firm benchmarks in place.
Increase Wellness Platform Engagement

At a high level, ScanSource wanted to increase employee activation and engagement within the wellness platform. As work shifted to remote, ScanSource’s in-person physical wellness initiatives started to dissolve—and by the time employees were working remotely on a consistent basis, engagement levels dropped as well.

Similarly, accessibility was a table-stakes requirement for ScanSource from the very beginning. Its roots in Greenville, SC could only extend so far, and engaging its nationwide workforce and ultimately scale its wellness program beyond the Greenville, SC office just wasn’t practical.

Increase Employee Participation in Wellness Challenges

Wellness platform engagement was important to ScanSource, as was lively and consistent participation in wellness challenges. For a company adamant about staying active and facilitating mental and emotional well-being, participation in these initiatives was essential for improving employee well-being and driving program success. Historically, wellness initiatives at ScanSource were limited in scope and not personalized to individual employees, making it difficult for them to gain interest.

Maintain Leadership Involvement

ScanSource top leadership has always been on board with employee wellness—regularly leading by example and getting actively involved with the initiatives themselves. With WellRight, ScanSource wanted to maintain that high level of management participation and make it more exciting by offering relatable activities that spanned all dimensions of well-being.

Surpassing Goals through Holistic Wellness Startegy

The Solution:
ScanSource employees especially appreciated WellRight’s streamlined platform that featured a variety of personal, peer-to-peer, and company-sponsored activities in one, easily accessible hub. Prior to finding WellRight, a small fraction of ScanSource employees utilized wellness programming, which mainly consisted of irregularly planned physical fitness and nutritional initiatives. 

After one year, 41% of ScanSource’s employee population were active in WellRight’s platform.

After one year, 41% of ScanSource’s employee population were active in WellRight’s platform, taking advantage of over 123 activities that addressed everything from mindfulness exercises and retirement planning to reading challenges and peer-on-peer connection. A contributing factor to increased platform engagement was active participation from the Chairman and CEO of ScanSource, inc. who encouraged employees to do the same.

Employees were also able to access WellRight’s coaching services from several different devices, further boosting month-over-month program engagement. For ScanSource’s wellness program admins, one of the most valuable attributes of WellRight’s flexible platform was its seamless integration with various health point solutions. WellRight’s vendor partnerships, such as Wellbeats, not only gave ScanSource employees access to interactive fitness videos, courses, and activities, but enabled admins to aggregate reports and analytics, track engagement and utilization, and ultimately drive program success. 

“Being able to pull engagement stats and data in real time helps to show gaps in our current initiatives,” Johnson said of WellRight’s partner vendors. “It’s a great tool that helps employees keep up with wellness on their own time.”

Building a Future Focused on Wellbeing

The Results:

Over a year into its relationship with WellRight, ScanSource’s wellness initiatives and strategy continue to grow. With WellRight’s help, ScanSource has successfully created engaging, personalized wellness programming that has left a positive impact on the well-being of its employees. 

No matter where ScanSource employees are on their wellness journeys, they can easily access vital health resources and activities that are meaningful to them, continuing to establish and exceed their own unique wellness goals. 

“When we collaborate with our WellRight team, we always come up with new engagement ideas that keep us on track with our larger company goals,” Johnson explains. “Whether it’s streaming an educational course or integrating new challenges with existing activities, WellRight helps us sustain engagement and keep employees coming back for more.”

When we collaborate with our WellRight team, we always come up with new engagement ideas that keep us on track with our larger company goals.
Zach Johnson
Wellness Program Manager ScanSource

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