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A Workplace That Fosters Happier, Healthier Employees Is Possible

Employers talk a good game when it comes to supporting employee wellbeing.

In a recent poll, a majority of executives recognized the importance of employee mental health services—but admitted their efforts were only moderately effective.

That’s being generous when you consider that nearly 40% of employees feel their employers don’t care about their mental health, even though 69% of employees have been struggling immensely in the past two years.

How can you fix that disconnect and really help your employees?

In our new guide, “Addressing the Employee Mental Health Crisis: An Action Guide for Managers,” we help wellness directors and HR leadership not only build a case for better mental health support, but implement it as well. This guide addresses topics like:

  • Workplace mental health today
  • Employees’ top worries
  • What gets in the way of employee mental health
  • How to shift from surviving to thriving
  • Adapting your workplace wellness program for employee mental health

Fill out the form and get on the road to becoming a company that truly makes a difference!

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