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Boosting Wellness Program Engagement with Employee Champions

If you’ve ever been inspired by a family member, friend or coworker to quit smoking or lose weight, you know the powerful motivation your peers can provide. Imagine the positive effect on your organization if enthusiasm and encouragement for healthier behaviors was spread company-wide through a network of wellness champions.

A team of champions that accurately reflect your employee population ensures everyone can see themselves in your wellness program and everyone’s needs are met.

So, how do you assemble this diverse team?

To get started, check out our new guide, “Guide to Building your Wellness Champion Network

In this resource, we offer a step-by-step program to build and empower your own employee team. Specifically, we discuss:

  • Identifying the right people
  • Setting expectations
  • Promoting creative sharing
  • Training and communicating
  • Giving them ownership
  • Requiring full-time leadership

Fill out the form and put the power of peer encouragement and motivation to work for your corporate wellness program! 

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