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Adapting Your Wellness Program to Today's Multigenerational Workforce

If your company is like most, your employees range in age from 20 to 70 … or even beyond. People born during the Second World War now share office space with people who weren’t even alive during the 20th century! An employee’s generation is a strong indicator of how they will interact with a wellness program, what they want to get out of the program, and their health goals.

Is it possible to create an employee wellness program that appeals to everyone?

In our guide, "Adapting Your Wellness Program to Today's Multigenerational Workforce," you’ll learn what we discovered when we analyzed the data from 12,000 users of the WellRight corporate wellness platform representing four generations: baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z.

This research-based whitepaper covers: 

  • The significant generational differences related to corporate wellness programming in four key areas: education, challenges, health assessment, and overall engagement
  • How multigenerational wellness programs can boost employee engagement, morale, and productivity, and therefore, company profitability
  • The five keys to designing a multigenerational wellness program
  • Four tips for driving higher engagement with your wellness program

Fill out the form and start adapting your employee wellness program to the modern multigenerational workforce today! 




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