The WellRight Account Management team is ready to support you in every step of implementing your wellness program. From program design, to reporting, administrator training, and end-user communication, our fully certified team is ready help you create a wellness program that engages and excites your employees.

Account Manager Spotlight

Kate McCrindle, account manager at WellRight, believes wellness is about becoming the best version of yourself. With her organizational mindset and commitment to creating a client-centered experience, she helps customers build programs they are proud of.
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Why Corporate Wellness?

Kate's interest in corporate wellness developed out of the field's unique ability to reach large groups of people. At the center of her passion for wellness is caring about how employees are feeling about their lives outside of work, whether it's emotional, physical, or financial. To live a happy and healthy lifestyle, Kate prioritizes work-life balance and holistic wellness and is able to share these values with others through her role at WellRight.

Why Account Management?

As an account manager, Kate finds satisfaction and meaning through helping others along their wellness journey, whether it is implementing their program or simply finding the right challenge for a group. Whatever she can do to make a client's life easier or achieve their goals, she wants to assist. Her mission is to create a human-centered customer experience and build meaningful relationships so that clients can share in their program's successes.

Why WellRight?

At WellRight, Kate is excited to be surrounded by people who are as equally motivated, collaborative, and hard-working as she is. Even though she works remotely, she feels the account management team knows how to have fun as they help clients. Overall, the company's well-rounded community allows her to not only grow her expertise while enjoying the process along the way. She looks forward to the future as WellRight continues to expand.

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