The WellRight Account Management team is ready to support you in every step of implementing your wellness program. From program design, to reporting, administrator training, and end-user communication, our fully certified team is ready help you create a wellness program that engages and excites your employees.

Account Manager Spotlight

Natalie Squillo, wellness specialist at WellRight, shares her passion for health with clients at every step of their journey–using the power of the platform and her problem-solving skills to help them become their best selves.
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Why Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness not only allows Natalie to help others through their wellness journeys but also challenges her to learn and grow along the way. Her background in athletics and experiences with sports injuries taught her the importance of preventative care, nutrition, and overall well-being. It motivated her to pursue a career in corporate wellness where she can share her knowledge with others and fuel their wellness growth.

Why Wellness Specialist?

Natalie's mission is to make sure every client feels supported and cared for during their WellRight experience. Catering each individual's experience to their unique needs, with creative, new ways to harness the platform's technology, is what Natalie aims to achieve as a wellness specialist. At the end of the day, it's all about sharing her passion and genuine excitement about wellness with WellRight's members.

Why WellRight?

Natalie was attracted to WellRight because of the tools that differentiated the product, ultimately setting up members for long-term success. Since beginning her position on the account management team, she has been inspired by the company's open-minded, customer-centered approach and the culture of caring amongst the employees. She continues to be excited about how the platform is evolving and its ability to reach more and more people.

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