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The WellRight Customer Success team is ready to support you in every step of implementing your wellness program. From program design, to reporting, administrator training, and end-user communication, our fully certified team is ready help you create a wellness program that engages and excites your employees.

Customer Success Spotlight

Tracy Roth, Vice President of Customer Success at WellRight, takes a personalized approach to wellness. Empowered by her determined team, she guides every WellRight client toward a well-being program fit to their individual needs.

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Why Corporate Wellness?

Tracy takes a personalized approach to wellness, saying “there is no one-size fits all.” She believes that a well designed corporate wellness program can help employees become healthier versions of themselves, focusing on what matters most to them. The exciting, fast-paced nature of the wellness industry keeps Tracy on her toes as her team works to build solutions that grow and change with their clients.

Why Customer Success?

Tracy is a relationship person at heart. In every customer experience, her goal is to get in the shoes of the client. Whether it is trying to think two steps ahead of their needs or the problems they haven’t yet anticipated, Tracy’s goal is to create a wellness experience that can be tailored to the unique needs of every individual.

Why WellRight?

The powerful combination of great technology and inspiring people brought Tracy to the company. WellRight’s platform “fits almost every person’s needs and that’s exciting to [Tracy].” Her team’s commitment to creating unique solutions, even when Tracy poses them with new ideas, motivates her to come to work with positivity.

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