The WellRight Account Management team is ready to support you in every step of implementing your wellness program. From program design, to reporting, administrator training, and end-user communication, our fully certified team is ready help you create a wellness program that engages and excites your employees.

Account Manager Spotlight

Jamie Regan, CWWPM, is an Account Manager at WellRight. She likes to think of customers and herself as one big team, working together to ensure their wellness program fits their needs!
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Why Corporate Wellness?

Jamie started in corporate wellness eight years ago and has never looked back. Living a healthy lifestyle made a big difference in her life, so she wanted to work in an industry where she could share her passion. And, the more wellness expands to include mental health and emotional wellness, the more it excites her.

Why Account Management?

When working with clients, Jamie starts from a place of listening, so she can fully understand desires with a wellness program. One of her favorite aspects of account management is sharing in her clients’ successes and seeing them reach their goals, never leaving a project unfinished.

Why WellRight?

Jamie is eager to reach more people and spread her passion for wellness–a shared value in WellRight's company culture. WellRight’s customizable technology and commitment to holistic wellness enables her to help larger groups of people while still creating an individualized experience.

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