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3 Features Smart Businesses Look for in a Corporate Wellness Platform

3 Features Smart Businesses Look for in a Corporate Wellness Platform

Every corporate wellness platform has a laundry list of features. But over the years we’ve noticed there are three specific features that are make-or-break for our clients. 

These are the heavy lifters—without them, you’re likely to find yourself struggling to make the platform do what you want it to do.

In no particular order, here they are:

3 Most Important Corporate Wellness Platform Features

  1. Built-in integrations
  2. Total customization
  3. Endless flexibility

Without these three features, your corporate wellness platform will end up boxing you into a corner. And no one should put you in a corner.

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Let’s take a look at each in more detail (and make sure you check out our clients’ stories along the way to see exactly how these three features made their wellness program much easier and more effective).

Built-In Integrations

As a tech company, we know how important seamless integrations are. To get the most value from your corporate wellness platform, you’re going to want to integrate with a variety of tools that expand your ability to make the platform work across the organization. In particular, analytics platforms, incentives and rewards systems, HR systems like Workday, company intranets, and more.

Analytics Integration Is Critical for Fine Tuning Your Wellness Program

If you’re tying your wellness program to KPIs—and you should—a great corporate wellness platform will create the reporting and analytics you need to drive results, make changes, and celebrate successes.

Our clients can take advantage of our partnership with analytics tools like Springbuk. They use it to give every level of management insight into the ROI of their wellness program. Having access to this data can also help you identify opportunities to lower healthcare costs.

Analytics tools look at claims and biometric data to identify where you should be focusing challenges, if there are new services needed, and even pointing out where alternatives to care would be more cost-effective.

For example, if you notice an uptick in a pre-diabetes among your employees, you can implement a nutritional counseling service, a challenge related to tracking foods, and even suggest integrative medicine.

Overall, analytics gives you the information you need to improve the health of your workforce. You’ll also need to provide encouragement, which is where rewards and incentives help.

Reward Marketplace Integrations Incent Employee Participation

You know rewards and incentives help drive behavior change. It’s a fundamental principle in working with people and a hallmark of how HR helps teams become more productive. Your workplace wellness program should always have rewards and incentives for each challenge or activity.

But tracking and delivering those rewards and incentives is a lot of work…unless your corporate wellness platform takes care of it for you.

At WellRight, we offer integration with the Achievers Rewards Marketplace which has helped clients significantly increase employee engagement. The integration provides a holistic approach and incentivizes employees to participate in their organization’s wellness program with immediate, real-time recognition and rewards for performance.

Total Customization

Customization is an equally important feature. No two companies are exactly the same, so the one-size-fits-all approach won’t do.

You need the ability to make the platform fit your people and meet them where they are on their wellness journey.

Fully Configurable Wellness Platform

One of the most important things to ask a wellness platform provider is this:

“What can be customized and how easy is it to customize?”

Not every company thinks to ask this, running the very real risk of ending up with a platform that kind of fits … but not all that well.

Or, the platform might be fully configurable, but even tiny changes can only be made by the vendor, resulting in irritating delays and time spent on configuration requests.

A wellness platform that allows for easy in-house configuration and administration makes a world of difference, empowering you to fine-tune every aspect of the platform to fit your organization’s precise needs—no matter how often those needs might change.

White Labeling Keeps Focus on the Program

White labeling your corporate wellness solution lets you customize your platform to blend into your company culture—from language and terminology to branding and logos. 

This can help create a more seamless experience for employees, reinforcing your organization’s branding and improving adoption and usage.

Endless Flexibility

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that things change. Your corporate wellness platform absolutely must allow for any type of shift at any time.

Your platform should grow with your organization, year after year, and be nimble enough to make immediate changes. Depending on how you may need to change course, your platform should allow for adding or swapping out content, goals, and challenges.

Flexible Wellness Programming

Even if a wellness platform offers dozens—or even hundreds—of wellness program configuration options, they still might not work for your unique workforce. And because wellness is such a personal journey, any employee who feels overlooked by your wellness program is an employee who simply won’t participate.

Make sure to seek out a corporate wellness platform that allows you to modify any preexisting programming as well as create your own wellness program options, for maximum versatility and the best fit.

The Right Corporate Wellness Platform Is Functional, Flexible and Fun to Use

There’s one feature we haven’t yet mentioned. Even if a corporate wellness program has butter-smooth integrations, full configurability, and more flexibility than a contortionist … if it’s not enjoyable to use, employees simply won’t use it.

By choosing a platform that is easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere (would you believe that some wellness platforms are desktop-only?), you can see significant increases in your wellness program participation rates. (Check out Indiana Regional Medical Center’s story for some amazing before-and-after numbers.)

At WellRight, we offer a corporate wellness platform and wellness programs that help improve the health of our client’s employees and contribute to their bottom line. If you’re interested in learning how to drive revenue by promoting population health and well-being through a corporate wellness program, we can help.

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