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WellRight Delivers Customizable Wellness Program for Construction Engineering Firm


WellRight Delivers Customizable Wellness Program for Construction Engineering Firm

Searching for Customization and Fun

Identifying the Challenge: V3 Companies was founded in 1983 and has grown into a regional presence. They have nine offices throughout the Midwest and two international offices from which they provide civil engineering, contracting, environmental, planning, landscape architecture and surveying services.

V3 has 251 employees in both traditional office settings and out in the field. With such a diverse workforce, V3 was looking for a wellness program that could fit the needs of their employees, while creating a fun, out of the box program that brought their people together, no matter their location.

A Culture of Wellness

Considering the Options: V3 Companies already had an established wellness program, but they were looking for something fun and flexible that could grow with their company. Lori Woody, Director of Operations and Facilities and Katie LaSalle, Senior Operations Coordinator at V3 Companies led the endeavor of looking at new vendors and bringing them back to the employee-led Wellness Committee.

“It’s important to see what technology is in the wellness space every few years. We wanted to find a wellness program that could be customized and fit our company culture,” explains Woody.

Enter WellRight.

WellRight was introduced to V3 via Axion RMS, their insurance broker partner, and the committee was excited about what they saw. “Many platforms look very clinical, which doesn’t fit our company culture. WellRight looked fresh and fun, and could adapt to challenge ideas we came up with. It had many of the elements we were hoping for in a wellness partner,” says Woody. Through WellRight’s mobile app, desktop platform, and options for customization, V3 felt they found a partner that could support their wellness needs.

Thinking Outside the Box

Building a Solution: The transition to WellRight was seamless for the V3 team. Utilizing the challenges in the system, they could kick their program off while deciding how to customize challenges for their group. WellRight was able to adapt to their incentives and with the help of their fully certified account manager, V3 was able to create their ideal program.

Their WellRight account manager was able to deliver on V3’s out-of-the-box ideas. One example is their Olympic Games challenge. It included a series of different team walking challenges, each with a different theme so they could “explore” different continents. The V3 team would send out information about different sights people would “see” on their walk and had themed custom prizes that correlated.

“Our account manager worked with us to find the best solution to any challenge ideas we had. She was able to deliver and make the process easy,” says Woody. Being able to track via WellRight’s mobile app, texting, or desktop platform made it easy for their employees to engage in the program.

Continued Improvement

Loving the Results: V3 Companies has been a customer since 2017 and has seen consistent participation in their employee wellness program. 83% of employees and spouses have participated year over year. “We have active support from our executive team which plays a part in the success of our program,” says LaSalle.

V3 has seen behavior change, big and small, since implementing WellRight. “Something as simple as seeing individuals walk during lunch, or opting for water instead of soda, shows that our population is taking advantage of the program and truly seeing results from these simple changes,” explains Woody.

V3’s overall goal for their wellness program is to strengthen their company culture, while creating fun and unique challenges along the way. V3 was awarded for their hard work in 2020 and named one of Illinois' Healthiest Employers by Crain's Content Studio and Cigna. They hope to continue the success of their wellness program in the coming years. Woody says, “This is the first time we have stuck with a wellness vendor long-term. WellRight has been able to deliver what we truly want in our wellness program. We are excited to see how wellness continues to impact our company!”


"We are always improving our wellness program and we can always rely on WellRight to deliver. It has been great to see how impactful our programming is and how it can change lives."

– Lori Woody, Director of Operations and Facilities, V3 Companies