WellRight for resellers

You know what it takes to excite and engage your clients' employees.

So why let an inflexible, cookie-cutter wellness platform stifle your efforts?

WellRight offers your business the opportunity to stand out in a crowded healthcare space with a platform that evolves and adapts to fit your needs and the needs of your customers. We also support you with a comprehensive library of white-labeled resources, helping you learn more about the platform and provide better value to your customers.

WellRight lets you be the wellness hero your customers want.

A wellness partnership that accelerates your success

"Working with WellRight allows us to reach so many more clients and meet each employee's needs."

Why your customers will love WellRight

  • Hundreds of fun, fresh, customizable group and individual challenges enable users to create a wellness journey that’s meaningful to them.
  • Access WellRight via desktop, mobile app, and wearable devices for convenient wellness on the go.
  • Receivable text alerts and tracking via text messages to help users engage.
  • Family members are included for FREE (including coaching!) to support the lifestyle changes that make a real difference.

Why you’ll love WellRight

  • Engaging challenges can be completely customized, right down to the type of reward.
  • Reasonable alternative standard activities for smoking, weight, etc. are included for FREE.
  • Easily analyze claims data to identify gaps in care and optimize medical spending (optional).
  • You can modify the platform to meet your needs instead of modifying your approach to wellness to fit the platform.
  • You can quickly customize the platform yourself, without our involvement.

Is keeping employees engaged a struggle?

Find out how to create the right environment for personal growth with our ebook, “Using Your Wellness Program to Create an Environment that Fosters Employee Growth”.

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