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Every employee is different—and so is every WellRight customer.

Whether you’re seeking out a wellness program for your own team or looking for the best options to present to your customers, you want flexibility.

  • Flexibility to meet your employees’ unique needs
  • Flexibility to offer a range of options to your customers
  • Flexibility to custom-tailor our program into your total wellness offering
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How can WellRight meet your needs?

“I administer the wellness program at my company.”
For Employers Employers
“I offer wellness program options to my customers.”
For Brokers / Consultants Brokers / Consultants
“I resell wellness programs to my clients.”
For Resellers Resellers
"I manage health plan offerings and benefits."
For Health Plans Health Plans

Why our clients love WellRight

WellRight offers unprecedented flexibility and features to wellness plan administrators, letting you tailor the program however you wish:

  • The platform is easy to set up and operate with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Every part of the program can be customized—we help you design a program that fits. Want to make changes? We can adjust your program in minutes.
  • Reasonable alternative standard activities for smoking, weight, etc. included for FREE.
  • Comprehensive and clear reporting helps you easily analyze claims data.
  • Employees can participate in gamified, company-wide challenges and can also pick their own personal challenges.
  • Users can choose from a range of meaningful rewards.
  • Unlimited FREE coaching for employees and their families helps users stay motivated and engaged.

No matter your role, WellRight fits your needs.

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Why our clients love WellRight