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Your Wellness, Your Way

Welcome to a fresh take on wellbeing—as unique as your organization and everyone in it. The WellRight platform is simple to launch today, flexible to change in the moment, and made to evolve over time.

Boost Employee Experience and Organizational Outcomes

Your wellbeing program can deliver remarkable results for your organization. But only if it fits like a glove. WellRight partners with you to develop a plan that’s just right for your people and your way of working.

What’s Possible When Organizations Create Highly Effective Wellbeing Programs
Long-term Engagement



Find Increased


With tailored content, daily activities, and countless rewards, engaged employees make the WellRight program an ongoing lifestyle companion.


1 HR Research Institute. “The Current State and Future of Employee Well-being 2023.” June 2023.


Holistic Results



Improved Retention1



With programming touching all six dimensions of wellness, WellRight goes beyond the physical, with meaning and purpose that promote belonging and loyalty.


1 HR Research Institute. “The Current State and Future of Employee Well-being 2023.” June 2023.


Continuous Evolution



See More Meaningful
Employee Experience1



With extraordinary flexibility, administrators quickly and easily adjust the platform for changing needs—keeping the program fresh and scaling for growth.


1 HR Research Institute. “The Current State and Future of Employee Well-being 2023.” June 2023.



93% User Satisfaction

WellRight maintains one of the highest participation rates among corporate wellness companies.

Let’s work together to reach your wellbeing goals and help your workforce thrive.

Serving a wide range of customers — all committed to wellbeing



Bring your wellbeing vision to life with a platform that’s fresh, fun, and engaging for your employees and easy to implement, customize, and scale for your administrators.

Health Systems

Drive impactful change with the flexibility to customize your platform and personalize your program as well as the accessibility to reach your workforce and community.

Health Plans and TPAs

Optimize the platform and integrate with existing solutions to support your clients and members with better wellbeing for their long-term health.

Brokers, Benefit Consultants, and Resellers

Customize the program to meet your clients’ evolving needs and rely on our team for ongoing support and collaboration.

Unlock Your Wellbeing Potential with WellRight

Customizable Platform

At Home in Any Organization

Design your program for higher engagement. We collaborate with you to easily and quickly adapt our proprietary platform with tailored features and branding and seamless integration with your existing solutions and partners.


Make It Custom
Personalized Content

One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Cut It

Embrace your employees’ individuality. Everyone has their own sense of wellbeing and what makes them feel comfortable, healthy, and happy. Our program conforms to your participants, not the other way around.


Make It Personal



Integrated Coaching

Guidance and Accountability that Inspire Change

Help employees find the motivation and tools to reach their milestones with support from certified, seasoned professionals. This touchpoint can particularly help remote employees feel more included.


Make It Meaningful



Strategic Partnership

Collaborate Smarter, Not Harder.

Our consultative approach is key to driving and evolving program strategy beyond the first year. We work closely with you and plan ahead to ensure your program stays on track with your goals.


Make It Collaborative




Travel + Leisure Pivots
to Flexible, Accessible Wellness Offerings

See how WellRight’s high-touch collaboration, integration capabilities, and technical problem-solving spearheaded a complex relaunch of Travel + Leisure’s wellness program.

Experience WellRight, Your Way