The WellRight corporate wellness platform

The WellRight corporate wellness platform delivers a flexible, customizable, and complete wellness program offering hundreds of unique wellness activities and challenges to keep employees engaged. With a fresh user interface accessible online or via mobile app, easy integration with wearable fitness trackers and devices, and free wellness coaching included, our wellness platform has one of the highest participation rates in the industry.

Creative challenges. Choose from over 300 pre-built wellness challenges or build your own from scratch. Participate in group challenges for fun gamification that brings the whole team together.

Comprehensive Health Assessment. Go beyond nutrition and exercise and measure across the 6 key dimensions of well-being: emotional, occupational, social, financial, physical, and purpose.

Free wellness coaching. Professional coaches are available 24/7 for employees and their families (may be used as a Reasonable Alternative Standard).

Easy access. Employees can track their activities and measure results using whatever method is convenient for them: through the online portal, mobile app, text messaging, or wearable device.

Meaningful rewards. Motivate employees and keep them engaged with customizable incentives, raffles, fitness gear, gift cards, and more.

Biometric health screenings (optional). Give employees access to preventative health screenings at your office, local labs, or a physician's office.

Claims data analysis (optional). Combine wellness program data with medical claims data to identify gaps in care and optimize health care spending.