Wellright for employers

As a wellness program administrator, you know that getting employees engaged in a wellness program is a critical challenge. How can you get (and keep!) people interested?

Here’s the secret: Many employee wellness programs fizzle out because they ignore the individual.

Why try to fit everybody into a cookie-cutter program?

Your people are unique. 

Your company is unique.

WellRight fits you.

Help employees be their best selves

"There have been tremendous changes to our culture since we put the WellRight program in place."
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Why employees love WellRight

Why employees love WellRight

  • Hundreds of fun, fresh, customizable challenges enable users to pick a wellness journey that’s meaningful to them.
  • Access WellRight via desktop, mobile app, and wearable devices for convenient wellness on the go.
  • Unlimited free coaching for expert support and advice sets the stage for success.
  • Family members are included for FREE (including coaching!) to support the lifestyle changes that make a real difference.
Why you’ll love WellRight

Why you’ll love WellRight

  • Engaging challenges can be completely customized, right down to the type of reward.
  • Reasonable alternative standard activities for smoking, weight, etc. are included for FREE.
  • Easily analyze claims data to identify gaps in care and optimize medical spending (optional).
  • The platform grows and evolves with your company but always remains flexible and easy to use.

Is keeping employees engaged a struggle?

Find out how to create the right environment for personal growth with our ebook, “Using Your Wellness Program to Create an Environment that Fosters Employee Growth”.

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