Wellness programs can reduce healthcare costs, boost employee engagement, and foster a healthy work culture. But many wellness programs see engagement trail off because … well, people just get bored.

Why? Because the employees are expected to fit the program, instead of the other way around. WellRight turns the traditional wellness program on its head—meeting employees where they are and empowering them to work on what they find meaningful.

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What makes us different

Flexible Platform

Flexible Platform

Every employee is different. To get the best results, people need a wellness program that works with their needs and lifestyle, meeting them where they are. Our program has over 200 fun, flexible challenges, with something for everybody—guaranteed.
Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

Nutrition and exercise are important, but they're only part of the wellness picture. WellRight addresses the entire person: emotional, financial, occupational, social, and physical well-being, along with the one thing that ties everything together: purpose.

Free Coaching

Wellness goals may be personal, but nobody should have to go it alone. Free unlimited coaching—for employees AND their families—guides and encourages participants on their wellness journey, so well-being can become a new way of life.

Why people succeed with WellRight

Challenges  Leap in with over 200 fresh and fun community and personal challenges that cover the entire spectrum of wellness. These challenges meet each individual where they are in their own wellness journey, and are designed to foster healthy habit-forming behaviors.

Devices — Access WellRight on the go via native iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets. Automated text messages make it easy and fun to record progress on challenges. Using a wearable? You can sync your fitness tracker, WiFi smart scale, glucose monitor, and blood monitor to WellRight for a wellness program that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Why people succeed with WellRight
Biometrics and claims analysis are part of the WellRight program

Biometric Health Screenings — To know if a wellness program works, you need to know your starting point. Health screening analysis provides baseline data like blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. This helps users identify trends in their wellness, so they can identify any worrisome developments before they become major health issues.

Claims Analysis — A thorough medical claims analysis helps employers pinpoint the top health concerns of their employees, so they can streamline and improve health plans while also customizing their wellness program to be a perfect fit.

Health Assessment — Habits matter. A complete health assessment analyzes users’ health history and habits, identifying unhealthy elements. The WellRight health assessment goes beyond nutrition and exercise, analyzing factors like stress, sleep, job satisfaction, financial wellness, and sense of purpose.

Life Coaching — The WellRight program includes FREE unlimited wellness coaching for employees and their families. Professional coaches help people set clear goals and paths toward those goals, while also getting loved ones on board for 24/7 wellness and support. Coaching may be used as a Reasonable Alternative Standard.

Health assessments and life coaching
WellRight rewards and Wellness University

Rewards — Walking stick or baby carrot? Everybody’s motivation is different. Some thrive off of competition, while others love to quietly reward themselves for milestones. Customizable rewards let people pick what gets them fired up, boosting their morale and engagement.

Wellness University — Watch over 100 quality videos covering 15 health-related topics, such as blood pressure, chronic pain management, weight control, and tobacco cessation, available 24/7 via the website and the mobile app. Custom training videos can also be uploaded and included in your University library.

Reporting — With more than 10 automated reports, program administrators can quickly and easily monitor completion of health assessments and biometrics, rewards fulfillment, and challenges progress, as well as aggregate and summary details on all program data. Key features include: real-time data, HIPAA compliant, role-based access, on-demand or automation, and PDFs for executive summaries.

Employee Communication — A built-in email tool makes it easy for administrators to communicate with program participants. Administrators can post messages in the “general communication” category, they can use filters to quickly send emails to a group of individuals, or they can send targeted emails directly to an individual, all from within the platform.

Reporting and employee communication

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