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Health System Enjoys Seamless, Flexible Partnership with WellRight


Tidelands Health

No Platform, No Time

Identifying the Challenge: Tidelands Health is a 70-years-strong healthcare system located a stone’s throw from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The largest in its region, Tidelands Health is made up of four hospitals and roughly 60 outpatient locations, boasting a staff of 2,500 employee partners.

Their motto is “Better health begins here,” and it’s a motto Tidelands Health puts into practice not just for patients, but for employees as well. Tidelands Health has had a robust wellness program for several years, with an enviable 75% voluntary participation rate. Everything was great … until their wellness program vendor was bought out and announced it was dropping the platform Tidelands Health had come to rely on to support their programming.

Tidelands Health was going to lose its wellness program platform in just a few months. How on Earth would they find a new vendor and get implemented—and trained—quickly enough to avoid a momentum-killing gap in their wellness program?

A Rapid Response Team

Considering the Options: The Tidelands Health team had met representatives from WellRight at a conference earlier that year and were highly impressed at how the WellRight team took a deep interest in understanding Tidelands Health’s wellness program.

During the fast-paced vendor review process, Tidelands Health soon realized that other vendors were struggling to meet their high expectations and substantial requirements. Additionally, Tidelands Health didn’t want their existing program’s successful elements to be taken away. They wanted a vendor with the flexibility to enhance their program—not replace it.

It was a tall order with a short timeline. It soon became apparent to the Tidelands Health team that WellRight was the best choice for their demanding needs.

Continuity of Care

Building a Solution: The WellRight account management team sprung into action. Conference calls, meetings, demos—they all happened with lightning-fast speed while still being thorough and comprehensive. Tidelands Health was delighted to discover that no matter the request, WellRight responded with “Yes, we can do it,” or “We’ll find a way to do it” … and then made it happen efficiently and with a reassuringly frequent level of communication.

A short three months after Tidelands Health started the planning process, the WellRight program and platform were up and running.

The Same... But Better

Loving the Results: Tidelands Health wanted a smooth transition so they could maintain the same level of participation and engagement in their wellness program as before.

They got that, and more:

  • Tidelands Health’s previous platform was only web-based and used a manual tracking process, so employees now love how easy WellRight makes it to track participation on their mobile and wearable devices.
  • Tidelands Health can keep the previous components that made their original wellness program so successful, such as an HRA, biometric health screening, tobacco screening, and consultation with a financial advisor.
  • They have now been able to add even more engaging elements thanks to the wide variety of wellness challenge options WellRight offers. Tidelands Health was even able to ask WellRight for custom programming to enable an annual team challenge.
  • Administration is now a breeze, with hands-on, intuitive administration, instant reporting capabilities, and access to data points.

Over a year into the relationship, the flexibility and breadth of WellRight’s programming and platform has proved itself, particularly during the pandemic. Employees and their families have been using the platform extensively to lift their spirits and strengthen their bodies, even while Tidelands Health’s health center is closed.

"We had a solid wellness program to start with,” says Renee Shore. “We’re so pleased that the partnership, availability, and flexibility that WellRight brought to the table allowed us to keep the personal touch and support we already had, while vastly improving the convenience and variety. It’s made our program more engaging than ever. WellRight’s support has been unwavering."


"The support from the admin team and WellRight is beyond measure. With the flexibility to accommodate what we need, WellRight is always updating their system with new features. It is encouraging to see those improvements and a company always striving for more."

– Renee Shore, Director EAP & Wellness, Tidelands Health