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6 Remote Team Building Activities to Boost Engagement

6 Remote Team Building Activities to Boost Engagement

Teamwork makes the dream work.

A common phrase, but what does it really mean? Put simply, an engaged team working towards a common goal can overcome any obstacle. When a team participates in a team-building exercise, they build the tools for real-world scenarios that demand cohesion.

But now that many are still working from home, how can this sense of teamwork translate into a remote world?

The Importance of Team Building

Effective teams lead to a more effective business. With remote work becoming the new norm, it’s important to create that same sense of camaraderie employees felt in the office. Having team-building activities in place fosters better interpersonal relationships, communication, and builds trust. Understanding the importance of team-building activities and using them often can create higher performing teams.

Here are some fun ways to boost engagement through remote team building activities with your colleagues:

1. Host a Game Night

Who doesn’t love game night? Since the pandemic, there are many online games available to participate in remotely. This is a great way to drum up team spirit while developing problem-solving skills together.

Want to up the stakes? Try giving out prizes. Maybe create a fun Zoom background that the game night winner can use for that week’s internal meetings. If game night turns into a routine, try switching up the games or try a trivia night instead.

2. Set Up Regular Coffee Breaks

Losing the freedom to meet up with coworkers in-person for an impromptu coffee, or even lunch, is impacting many teams. Try setting up a virtual coffee date on a Monday morning before work to talk about the weekend and what they are looking forward to during the week.

The idea here is simple—talk less about work and more about whatever else your team wants to talk about. Creating space for conversations around binge-worthy shows or upcoming staycation plans deepen those personal bonds and keep employees engaged with their team.

3. Organize a Virtual Cooking Class

Cooking classes bring everyone together over a shared love of food. There are many virtual cooking experiences to choose from now, so pick one that works best for your team.

Encourage your team to get the ingredients beforehand and join a Zoom together while cooking. Debrief after to discuss the meal, or any snafus that may have occurred. Working through these problems together will only strengthen your team’s communication.

4. Create “Personal Pages” to Spotlight Your Employees

At the start of the pandemic, we implemented something called “personal pages.” An employee creates their own personal slide that goes into a company slide deck, highlighting who they are and what they like to do outside of work.

Allowing your team to get to know each other beyond the workplace creates stronger interpersonal bonds. Understanding who someone is outside of work builds trust, opens new lines of communication, and shows who the employee is beyond the workplace.

5. Hold Virtual Happy Hours

Before the pandemic, employees may have strolled to a nearby restaurant or bar after work to enjoy a happy hour with coworkers. As an employer, allowing employees to take time to get to know each other shows you want them to invest in one another beyond work.

Try switching it to a virtual format! Share cocktail recipes, what cheese pairings you like, or maybe try a virtual tasting. Most employees will take the time out of their day once a week or even monthly to enjoy a drink with friends.

6. Try a Fitness Challenge

Engaging your team with some friendly competition is a great way to increase engagement. While fitness challenges can be fun, WellRight has over 400 holistic wellness challenges that you can make into peer-to-peer or team challenges.

Try a few different challenges focused on different aspects of well-being and receive feedback from the team. Allowing some playful competition can boost morale and productivity.

Helping Employees Feel Engaged and Connected: A Win-Win

Employees can easily feel isolated, lonely, and unsupported when working from home. The remote team building activities listed above can help fill the gap and make employees feel connected. Enabling your team to grow together and develop new skills is an effective way to keep teams engaged, happy, and healthy, creating an overall more positive company culture.

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