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104 Challenges Book: Become the Best You

104 Challenges: Become the Best You

Accelerate your personal progress with bite-sized challenges that make wellness not only doable, but fun!

The key to truly flourishing is knowing that we have everything we need already inside of us. We may just need something or someone to help us find our direction. Filled with inspiring and fun wellness challenges and activities, 104 Challenges will set you up for success by making progress on what matters, whether that’s finding your purpose, or improving your physical, emotional, social, occupational, or financial well-being.

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103 Challenges Book: Manager-Led Wellness

103 Challenges: Manager-Led Wellness

Transform your corporate culture with manager-targeted wellness challenges

When it comes to employee wellness and engagement, managers play a vital role, helping set the tone for the entire organization. 103 Challenges is geared specifically toward managers and wellness managers, helping them become the healthiest, happiest, and most productive versions of themselves, creating a positive ripple effect that spreads to the entire team. The result? Increased engagement, improved wellness, and a healthy corporate culture.

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102 Challenges: Become the Best You

102 Challenges: Become the Best You

Does your wellness program need more fun new challenges?

Look no further—download 102 Challenges today and revitalize your wellness program! 102 Challenges is a BRAND NEW collection of dynamic and inspiring challenges based on the science of how healthy habits are formed.

Covering everything from fitness to nutrition, emotional wellness, financial wellness, and purpose, there’s something for everyone!

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Other books by WellRight

101 Challenges: Become the Best You

101 Challenges: Become the Best You

Download the book that started it all: 101 Challenges

Eat more vegetables. Walk every day. Yes, those are worthy goals, but isn’t it time for something new? Something exciting? Something FUN?

101 Challenges is a quick and easy way to inject variety, personalization, and excitement into your wellness program. Covering holistic, whole-person wellness, 101 Challenges will inspire and energize even the most reluctant (or been-there-done-that) employee.

21 Habits: A Wellness Survival Guide

21 Habits: A Wellness Survival Guide

Learn which habits to break, and which to make

Wellness becomes almost effortless when we form healthy habits. In fact, at WellRight we believe in habits so much, we wrote a book about them. 21 Habits explores habits that are small and easy to master, but that lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With helpful information on how to make new habits stick, it’s a great way to kick-start corporate wellness programs of any size.

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