Wellness Program Saves Time and Drives Sense of Community at Regional Hospital

The Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) is located roughly 60 miles east of Pittsburgh and remains the only independent hospital in the county. Although they had a wellness program, participation was low and reporting was done manually.

Active Work Culture Reinvigorated with Customizable Wellness Platform

RA Nelson's employees already had a thriving culture of wellness. But their wellness program was hard to administer and wasn't succeeding at engaging field staff. They wanted a flexible wellness program that made tracking easier while encouraging employees in their wellness goals.

Wellness Company Offers Clients Major Value with WellRight's Platform

HealthSource Solutions is a small and dynamic business that works with companies to develop and manage their wellness programming. They needed a robust, easy-to-use, and fully customizable wellness platform to augment their client offerings and complement their programming.

Employee Engagement Levels Soar with User-Friendly Customizable Wellness Software

WinterWyman, a leading talent acquisition firm based in Massachusetts, found their existing wellness program would be discontinued when they switched insurance plans. They needed a new program that was flexible, easy to use, and could be implemented in less than two months.

University Sees Double-Digit Improvement in Multiple Health Condition Rates

Point Loma Nazarene University is a faith-based liberal arts school located in San Diego, California. Their wellness program was bare-bones, relying on fitness trackers and inconsistent manual tracking. Plus, their challenges were purely exercise-based and lacked a comprehensive well-being approach.

Family-Run Plant Nursery Enjoys a Blooming Wellness Program

Bachman’s, a family-owned retail and wholesale plant nursery business has been operating for 130 years. The company was looking to develop a wellness program that would breathe new life into their corporate culture and strengthen the ties between their many locations.

County Administration Thrives with Flexible and Fun Wellness Challenges
Garfield County offers some of Colorado’s most beautiful natural scenery, and the administration of the Garfield County Government wanted to find a fun, flexible, and effective wellness program that would accommodate the wide range of outdoor activities practiced by their staff.
Employees Thrilled to Track Challenges With Text Messaging
The City of Sheridan, on the northern border of Wyoming, employs about 180 people in 10 departments. A good portion of their employees are always in the field and away from desktop computers—and this made engaging with their previous wellness program cumbersome.
Food Distributor Delighted With WellRight's Buffet of Options

Wholesale food distributor Nicholas and Company already had a wellness program. However, the challenges didn’t offer enough variety to appeal to all employees. And inefficient paper tracking of activities created so much of a backlog, there was never enough time to revitalize the program.

Tooling Manufacturer Finds Alignment with a Custom-Built Wellness Solution

Mate Precision Tooling is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication products. With many different types of employees and departments that don't often interact with each other, Mate wanted a wellness program that offered something for everybody and that made wellness fun and engaging.