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Driving Engagement by Meeting Employees Where They Are

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Consumers' Energy, a utility and gas company in the state of Michigan with almost 10,000 employees, finds total wellbeing with WellRight. 

When their former vendor's wellbeing program became stagnant, CMS Energy knew it was time to make a change. With the same program year over year, the organization was seeing little results and low engagement among employees. 

CMS Energy chose WellRight to reignite their wellness program. WellRight's customization empowered program administrators to implement what was important to their culture, their culture's values, and their overall wellbeing. WellRight's, "Your Plan. Your Way." approach enabled CMS Energy to create a program unique to them. 

One key feature that set WellRight apart, according to Jen Malinowski, CMS Energy's People & Culture Wellbeing Consultant, is the text tracking feature. With around 60% of their employee population being field workers – who are not sitting at a desk all day – text reminders and tracking functionality simplified program engagement by allowing users to track automatically via their mobile device.

"We've seen individuals more eager to participate in challenges and in WellRight's programing by having those simple, user-friendly additional benefits," Jen adds, "Having customizable challenges really does make a huge difference in the engagement and what our company and our culture really needs for our employee." 

Since implementing WellRight, the company has seen their engagement rate increase from 68% in the first year to now over 76% engagement in the WellRight program. Jen concludes, "The sky is the limit with WellRight."

I would absolutely recommend WellRight. They're always ahead of the game and they're always offering very customizable, creative programming."
Jennifer Malinowski
CMS Energy | People & Culture Wellbeing Consultant

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