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Employee Engagement Levels Soar with User-Friendly Customizable Wellness Software


Employee Engagement Levels Soar with User-Friendly Customizable Wellness Software

Specific Requirements, Narrow Timeline

Identifying the Challenge: WinterWyman, a leading talent acquisition firm based in Massachusetts, is dedicated to enriching their candidates’ lives and enhancing their clients’ successes. Retention of its own employees is something WinterWyman does well with an average tenure of seven years, and many employees boasting 25+ years of service.

WinterWyman’s previous wellness program contributed to excellent staff retention, well-being, and the organization’s healthy culture. However, the program was discontinued when WinterWyman changed its medical insurance plan. The new plan offered a no-cost wellness platform, but the offering fell short. Cathy Renda, Director of Employee Engagement, needed a complete wellness program that was easy to use, flexible, and customizable. She had to secure buy-in and budget approval from the company’s CEO; she had less than two months to implement it.


Seeking a Culture of Caring

Considering the Options: One of Cathy’s requirements as she made her vendor selection: the wellness partner needed to demonstrate the same culture of caring as WinterWyman. After hearing Tad Mitchell, WellRight’s CEO, speak at a wellness conference, she’d seen what she needed to see. “It’s about the culture, and doing the right thing,” Cathy stated. The clock was ticking and WinterWyman knew it needed a wellness platform that was quickly implemented, user-friendly, easily managed, customizable, and a good fit for the staff and their families who were already conscious of and passionate about wellness.

A Reliable Partner

Building a Solution: WinterWyman was up and running with its new wellness program in weeks. With such a tight deadline, Cathy appreciated the implementation process, commenting, “With other companies, you go from your sales person to an implementation person, then you get handed off to someone else. With WellRight, we’ve worked consistently with our account manager who knows our program and account—and we’ve developed a great working relationship.”

Once the program was implemented, WinterWyman’s wellness committee worked closely with the marketing team to get the word out. As a result, more people registered for the new platform within the first week of going live than during the entire time they were using the previous program.

Making Wellness Easy

Loving the Results: From an administrative perspective, WinterWyman values the simple, customizable platform: “I’m not that technical, and the fact that I can use the program and easily change things without having to go to our account manager makes it so easy to use,” says Cathy.

As for the employees? They appreciate the easy-to-use mobile app, as well as the variety and breadth of challenge options. For instance, many employees are active in community development. So, WinterWyman counts those community development acts as rewarded activities.

On top of WellRight having an impressive adoption rate right from the start, Cathy finds more employees talking about wellness-related topics—anything from their life coaches to the things they’ve learned using the platform, to individual challenges they’re doing.

Cathy reflects, “We are reaching employees who weren’t engaged with previous wellness initiatives. I continue to see more people engaged in different healthy choices, and lifestyles, and wellness overall.”


“We are reaching employees who weren’t engaged with previous wellness initiatives.”

– Cathy Renda, Director
of Employee Engagement,