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A Wellness Solution As Unique As Your Clients

An Ultra-Flexible Platform Customizable for Any Client in Your Book of Business

Wellbeing programs are a growing workplace demand and corporate priority. Organizations need help finding a program that meets their needs today and that can also pivot and scale to meet their needs tomorrow.

We value our relationships with broker, benefit consultant, and reseller partners. WellRight offers a complete solution that can be tailored for the range of clients you serve—to reflect their unique branding, processes, and wellbeing objectives. The platform can also integrate seamlessly with existing solutions and vendor partners.

With WellRight, you get an array of activities, rewards, content, and resources plus a highly responsive, proven strategic partner. Our team acts as an extension of your client service teams, helping you stay on top of industry trends and evolve to meet the needs of your clients.

This Way to Satisfied, Loyal Customers



Launch easily with a fully supported, low-maintenance platform you, administrators, and coaches can customize on your own.


Get ongoing guidance from a responsive, innovative team of credentialed wellbeing experts.


Stay relevant with ultra flexibility, adaptability, and scalability to change in the moment and grow into the future.


Inform your clients’ wellbeing strategy and goals with actionable information from a comprehensive suite of reports.

Our strategic, consultative approach guides you and your clients from design to launch and beyond.

Invest in a Proven Approach

Set yourself apart with a distinctive, competitive offering

8.2% CAGR expected in the global corporate wellness consulting service market between 2022–20281  

Thrive in an increasingly crowded marketplace with a platform that stands out for its timely, holistic programming and extraordinary ability to customize across your client base.

8.2% CAGR expected in the global corporate wellness consulting service market between 2022–2028 1

88% of employers plan to change health and wellbeing vendors in next two years 2

Partner with our A-team

88% of employers plan to change health and wellbeing vendors in next two years2

With over 600K participants improving their wellbeing with WellRight, you can be confident our approach works—and our platform will help your clients achieve their wellbeing goals.

Create Your Plan Your Way

The WellRight platform empowers you with a wellbeing program for your specific needs and those of your clients. From branding to communications, activities to rewards, and resources to reports, our solution has the flexibility for any client to create a program as unique as they are.

Case In Point


HealthSource Solutions uplevels their wellbeing platform to meet market needs

Learn how partnering with WellRight drove engagement for HealthSource Solutions clients, with more customization and convenience, plus a lighter administrative load.

What's It Like to Work With WellRight? Get Consultants' Perspectives

“WellRight has allowed us to extend our programming and service offerings, so we can really make a difference. Working with WellRight is seamless, allowing us to reach so many more clients and meet each employee's needs.”
Mary Kruse
President and CEO, HealthSource Solutions

Optimize the WellRight Platform for Your Clients

Find out just how flexible and customizable your program can be. WellRight helps you distinguish your wellbeing offering, benefit from a strategic vendor partnership, and be confident in your platform recommendations.

1 Market Growth Reports, “Global Corporate Wellness Consulting Service Industry Research Report 2023, Competitive Landscape, Market Size, Regional Status and Prospect,” June 2023

2 WTW, “2022 Vendor Strategy Survey,” February 2022

3 WellRight internal data