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WellRight for health plans

Are you looking for one wellness program solution for your entire book of business? Do you need a wellness platform that is easy to administer and is highly configurable that enables member-specific programming?

Set yourself apart from the competition by providing members with a fun, easy, and engaging way for them to develop better habits and a healthy lifestyle. With WellRight, you can bundle 360-degree wellness into your offering, which not only drives engagement among members, but improves value and retention with your client base.

With WellRight, you can:

  • Segment and customize to maximize the value to your clients
  • Give wellness coaches and care managers access to tracking technology
  • Flexible programming enables both turnkey solutions and a high level of customization
  • Ease of administration–all with easy implementation and full support


Wellness that motivates deep and lasting lifestyle change

"With WellRight, I started forming all of these good habits that I might not have otherwise."
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Why Your Members Will Love WellRight

Why your members will love WellRight

  • Hundreds of fun, fresh, customizable group and individual challenges enable users to create a wellness journey that’s meaningful to them, increasing their odds of success.
  • Flexible wellness programming to meet members where they are in their wellness journey.
  • Physical, emotional, financial, social, and occupational wellness form the pillars for holistic, lasting wellness.
  • Access WellRight via desktop, mobile app, and wearable devices for convenient wellness on the go that improves adherence.
  • Members receive and can easily respond to text alerts and tracking via text messages to help users’ engagement and develop healthy habits.
  • Life coaching by certified, seasoned professionals for expert support and advice sets the stage for success.
Why You'll Love WellRight

Why you'll love WellRight

  • WellRight adapts easily to any type of health plan/TPA structure: commercial plans, Medicare, Medicaid, or provider-sponsored health plans.
  • WellRight is completely customizable to your goals and branding, integrating seamlessly with existing solutions and vendor partners.
  • Partners can utilize one brand for all customers or can allow customization at the group level, without the need for ongoing development support and the associated costs.
  • Administrators (including your coaches or ours) have access to members’ backend database and to better customize and easily create custom challenges, schedule events, track activity, and more—all with easy implementation and full support.
  • Wellness programs are a cost-effective way to reduce healthcare expenses, with an ROI of $3.27 for every dollar invested.
  • Wellness programming that helps members develop and keep healthier habits sets you apart from your competition and appeals to employers who have employee wellness as a goal.

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