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Mental Health Toolkit: How to Lead with Empathy

Improving Your Employees’ Mental Health Is the Goal—Emotional Intelligence Is the Path To Get There

Discover how an emotionally intelligent leadership style can transform your employees’ mental health for the better.


Effective leaders understand that supporting employee mental health isn’t a job perk anymore; it’s a necessity for job satisfaction, employee engagement, and overall productivity.

Today, emotionally intelligent leaders are the cornerstone of any company culture that values empathy, understanding, and effective communication. They demonstrate the maturity to regulate their own negative emotions, as well as the social skills to navigate the feelings of others while handling complicated team dynamics.

If employees are the engine of an organization, then empathetic leaders are the skilled mechanics, fine-tuning areas like conflict resolution and relationship management to ensure operations run smoothly. In fact, over 85% of employees believe leaders with high emotional intelligence drive greater innovation and boost morale.

But how do you know if you’re an emotionally intelligent leader?

Where Do You Fall on the Emotional Intelligence Scale?

To help you assess your current leadership style, try this quick, 10-question quiz designed to evaluate your emotional IQ:

The Definitive Mental Health Toolkit for Successful Leaders

Looking for more resources on emotional intelligence in leadership? We’ve got the perfect toolkit to help you bolster your emotional IQ and forge strong relationships in the workplace.

Download the ebook and discover how empathy can lead to leadership excellence.

Download the Full Toolkit Now!