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The Beat Sweets Challenge invites you to eliminate sugar from your diet for a month.

If you eat something with sugar, you can earn back a point by exercising an extra half   hour. However, if you are diabetic, you may want to consult your physician to determine how much sugar is healthy for you.

Don’t worry about foods with small amounts of sugar like peanut butter or pasta sauce. Not all foods are off limits:

– (1-2oz.) 70% dark chocolate is okay

– Honey is okay (look for raw or organic)

– Fruits and Veggies are okay (if you drink fruit or veggie juices, make sure they are pure and there is no added sugar)

Track ‘Yes’ for each day you successfully avoid sugar. If you indulge, you can earn back your daily ‘Yes’ by exercising half an hour more than you usually do. The goal is to track ‘Yes’ 31 days by the end of the challenge.