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Presenteeism in the Workplace (And What You Should Do as a Benefits Provider)

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Showing up is half the battle,” particularly as it applies to job attendance. Ingrained into workplace culture is the idea that perfect attendance demonstrates commitment and loyalty—even if it comes at the cost of physical or mental wellbeing. 

According to a recent Zippia report compiling PTO usage data across a variety of industries, 84% of members with allotted PTO say they still go into work sick, exacerbating preventable conditions. It’s clear that presenteeism—or feeling pressure to show up to work despite feeling ill—is still rampant among today’s workers. But, given rising concerns around mental and physical ailments impacting engagement and performance, administrators are starting to prioritize their populations’ wellbeing over perfect attendance.

As more signs and symptoms are brought to the forefront, it’s up to benefits providers to find holistic, centralized wellness platforms for clients who are focused on creating an accessible hub for benefits and communication to boost their members’ total wellbeing.