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True Health New Mexico Members Incentivized Toward Proactive Health Care with WellRight’s Customizable Wellness Platform

Chicago, IL (April 27, 2021):

WellRight, a leading provider in comprehensive wellness platforms, announced a new partnership with True Health New Mexico. True Health is one of the state’s leading health insurers of individuals, employer groups, and federal workers with nearly 30,000 members nationwide. As a physician-led health plan, True Health New Mexico strives to make members active participants in their own health care by connecting them to the resources they need to stay healthy. By partnering with WellRight, the health plan now delivers a customizable and complete wellness program to support members even further in their health journey.

True Health’s model of care is founded on a provider partnership system that differs from traditional health plans. Its comprehensive focus on innovative care management prioritizes and facilitates “well-care,” not “sick-care.” Powered by WellRight, their “Better You'' wellness program now gives members an easy-to-use platform that offers a wide range of resources–including access to more than 400 challenges & activities aimed at addressing social determinants of health and fostering better physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

“Promoting wellness helps our members to reach their best state of health and reduce the occurrence of unnecessary, high-cost care such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations,” explains Dr. Mark Epstein, True Health CEO, “With WellRight, we have the ability to build a plan as unique as our member population. There is a huge library of activities–especially when it comes to preventive care–to incentivize annual health screenings based on age and gender markers. Members can complete challenges on their own timeline and receive rewards upon completion. We are thrilled to partner with a platform that aligns so perfectly with our ‘well-care’ model.”

WellRight Vice President of Customer Success, Jackie McFadden, adds, “Our highly configurable platform enables member-specific programming and a level of customization other wellness programs simply don’t offer. WellRight’s unique ability to meet members where they are on their wellness journey enables them to create goals that are meaningful to them, increasing their likelihood of success.”

With WellRight, True Health New Mexico’s “Better You” wellness program aims to be one of the nation’s most holistic wellness programs–lowering healthcare claims and providing essential, individualized support to its members.     

About WellRight:

WellRight delivers complete wellness programs, addressing key dimensions of holistic health. Every aspect of the program has been designed to make well-being a lasting habit. The program includes variety and flexibility through customizable group and personal wellness challenges, a comprehensive Health Assessment, free coaching, clear progress bars to track results, and fun reward structures to build and maintain motivation and engagement. Learn more at www.wellright.com.

About True Health:

True Health New Mexico is a physician-led health insurance company committed to keeping New Mexicans healthy. True Health New Mexico is available through the commercial market for employer-sponsored health coverage and is dedicated to lowering premium costs, delivering appropriate levels of care, and providing community-based case management to ensure members are well cared-for. For more information on True Health New Mexico, go to www.truehealthnewmexico.com.