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Wellright: For Health Systems

As a health system, supporting the well-being of individuals is vital for improving overall quality of life. This applies to your employees, your community at-large, and the employees of businesses in your area. How can you support these individuals through their wellness journeys?

Empower your communities with WellRight:

  • Design and execute programs to meet the needs of your employees as well as any external stakeholders you work with
  • Identify individual needs, wants, and risks to determine where your employees currently are and where their journey should start
  • Align content, coaching, and programming through a highly configurable platform that meets the evolving wellness needs of your organization and the community you serve
  • Give participants access to trackable tools and care pathways that focus on healthy lifestyle changes through education and practice


Create a culture of caring while retaining top talent

"The support from the team and WellRight is beyond measure. With the flexibility to accommodate what we need, WellRight is always updating their system with new features. It is encouraging to see those improvements and a company always striving for more."
Renee Shore, Director EAP & Wellness, Tidelands Health


Why your community will love WellRight

Why your community will love WellRight

  • Hundreds of fun, fresh, and customizable challenges enable users to create a wellness journey that’s meaningful to them.
  • Flexible wellness programming meets participants where they are in their wellness journeys.
  • Physical, emotional, financial, social, and occupational wellness form the pillars for holistic, lasting wellness.
  • Access via desktop, mobile app, and wearable devices for real-time reporting on the go that improves adherence.
  • Participants receive and can easily respond to text alerts and tracking updates to boost engagement and develop healthy habits.
  • Life coaching by certified, seasoned professionals for expert support and advice sets the stage for success.
Why you'll love WellRight

Why you'll love WellRight

  • WellRight is completely customizable to your goals and branding, integrating seamlessly with existing solutions and vendor partners.
  • Administrators (including your coaches or ours) have access to participants’ backend databases to easily customize and create custom challenges, schedule events, track activity, and more—all with easy implementation and full support.
  • Wellness programs are a cost-effective way to encourage healthy habits among employees.
  • Wellness programming that helps members develop and keep healthier habits sets you apart from your competition, enhancing employee engagement and improving retention.

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