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Better Together

The wellbeing landscape is confusing—seamless partnerships help clear the air. WellRight is honored to be part of Accolade’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem.

Together, WellRight & Accolade work with you to provide the support your clients deserve.

Our joint commitment is to enhance the employee experience by designing solutions that promote awareness and utilize available resources and benefits. We achieve this with the use of data, an easily accessible resources hub, personalized user experiences, and incentives to encourage engagement.

WellRight enhances Accolade's existing functionalities


Vetted Partner, Single Contract

Clients benefit from a streamlined contractual process by leveraging our single-contract approach as a trusted partner.

Streamlined Implementation Process

Accolade and WellRight efficiently leverage shared data sources, benefits and point solutions to support clients through their strategic implementation experience.
Data Integration

Seamless Data Integration

Personalizing the member experience by utilizing data from Accolade to deploy targeted communications, recommendations, and resources based on the member's unique needs.

Incentive Management

WellRight allows Accolade clients to incentivize their participation in eligible activities, facilitating engagement and motivation toward long-term behavior change.

Increased Engagement & Utilization of Benefits

WellRights' platform fosters engagement by offering actionable steps that connect members to client benefits and solutions within the Accolade ecosystem.

Serving Your Accolade Network


Let’s work together to reach your wellbeing goals and help your workforce thrive.

Case in Point


WellRight Helps LCRA Realize Decrease in Health Risk Factors with a Holistic Approach

Hear from LCRA benefits administrators about the WellRight experience and its value to their employees and community. 

LCRA saw a nearly 50% reduction in employees with 3 or more high-risk health factors in their third program year.

Built For You

With WellRight’s comprehensive interface, participants can access hundreds of relevant activities spanning all dimensions of wellbeing. Our platform gives program administrators the ability to customize branding, communications, incentives, and more to personalize the experience for each participant.

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WellRight’s powerful digital wellness platform is a high-touch solution focusing on holistic health through a tailored member experience. Backed by our highly consultative, hands-on approach, WellRight’s flexible technology empowers you to build an effective program that delivers real results, increases client satisfaction, and sets you apart.

With over ten years of experience serving over one million members nationwide and across various industries, our team is dedicated to delivering a wellness solution that genuinely drives engagement and success—Your Plan. Your Way.