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The Business Case for Financial Well-Being

According to a Ceridian study, 82% of employees say they constantly think about personal finances at work—which is estimated to cost organizations a staggering $664 billion in lost productivity.

Since 2019, the number of employees coping with financial stress has exponentially increased, with most experiencing the highest level of financial stress since the financial crisis of 2008.

So with financial well-being and workplace performance at stake, what can employers do to ease the immense financial burdens of their most valuable assets?

Our new ebook, “The Business Case for Financial Well-Being,” presents evidence-backed solutions for establishing financial wellness programming that not only meets employees where they are, but also fosters workplace culture, boosts engagement, and improves your bottom line.

With this resource, you'll learn:

  • What financial well-being looks like for employees and businesses
  • How financial stress impacts employee well-being, workplace culture, and business outcomes
  • Why financial equity and personalized programming is integral to employee well-being and organizational growth
  • How to weave financial wellness resources and tools into your broader corporate wellness program

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