Creative Wellness Incentives for Companies on a Budget

Every company deserves to reap the benefits of having a wellness program that produces happier, healthier, more engaged employees. But many of these companies may be shying away from implementing a wellness program, thinking that costly wellness incentives are the only way for a program to be successful. After all, employees aren’t going to participate unless they’re getting impressive rewards in return, right?

Think again.

As it turns out, it’s possible to have a wellness program with exciting, sought-after incentives that don’t break the bank.

Promoting Healthy Social Media Use With Wellness Programs

Is there anything social media can’t do? It helps us connect with long-lost family and friends, keep up with current events, share news, follow our favorite celebrities, and find that must-try recipe that everyone’s talking about.

But while it connects us with one another superficially, social media rarely lets us connect in meaningful ways. That’s why it seems the more we use social media, the less happy we become—with social media leading to increased feelings of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and loneliness.

This lowered happiness can easily spill over into the workplace, making it important for corporate wellness programs to address social media use and the negative effects it can have.

Recognizing Employee Burnout: 7 Signs to Watch For

Employees often talk about feeling “burned out,” but are they really?

True employee burnout is more than needing a temporary break from work or feeling briefly worn down by an intense project. Instead, it’s a state of chronic job stress that results in overall exhaustion, frustration, and a defeatist attitude that negatively affects an employee’s personal and work life.

Injecting Purpose Into Your Wellness Program

I was talking to a friend about her recent decision to quit smoking. My questions were pretty common: "How many cigarettes do you smoke now? How many did you used to smoke each day? Where do you get your cigarettes?"

Then I had the thought to ask her why she wanted to quit smoking.

Challenge #1

5 Tips for Designing Successful Wellness Challenges

If you have ever designed wellness challenges for your organization, you know that it is trickier than it looks. While poorly-designed challenges aren't necessarily created on purpose, when a not-so-great one launches and eventually fails, it fosters animosity towards the overall wellness program. Below are some tips that will help you avoid the mistakes of your predecessors.