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Exploring the Link Between Productivity and Food in the Workplace

March is National Nutrition Month, which makes it the perfect time to amend nutritional education and programming in the workplace.

And since approximately half of Americans say they feel less healthy now than just a year ago, there’s an increasing urge to facilitate healthy food choices.

Nutrition is an essential piece of the employee well-being puzzle. Employers have a responsibility to keep their staff’s best interests in mind at all times, and that remains the case when talking about food in the workplace.

How to Support Employees Struggling With Emotional Eating

Emotions are often tied to food to some degree. After all, there's a reason why we call it comfort food. Certain foods just make us feel better emotionally.

But it can become a problem when you eat because you want to feel better emotionally—especially if that becomes how you process all of your negative emotions.

Is a Plant-Based Diet the Way to Wellness?

Meat has been a staple of the human diet for as long as there have been humans. But do we really need meat? Can fruits, vegetables, beans, and other food that grows out of the soil provide all the nutrients and energy we need to survive and even thrive?

A growing body of evidence suggests that shifting to a plant-based diet can result in major benefits to your health–and the environment.

Contemplating that shift, however, can raise a lot of questions.

The Top 10 Healthy Snacks That Support Your Corporate Wellness Program

Jim’s workplace has just implemented a corporate wellness program and he’s excited about diving into some challenges. After all, his blood pressure is higher than it should be, and his doctor wants him to start developing healthier habits.

His stomach rumbles, so he heads over to the office vending machine, looking for a healthy snack that will quiet his hunger. He scans the machine and sees … chips, candy bars, chewing gum, and a lone, sad granola bar that looks like it was rescued from the bottom of a fourth-grader’s backpack.

Turns out, Jim’s employer isn’t putting their money where Jim’s mouth is.

Is “Mindful Eating” Just Another Diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet. Keto. The Zone. Atkins. Weight Watchers.

For anybody who has ever wished to lose weight, the choices and possibilities are endless—and often contradictory. Is fat bad, or is it the key to attaining a healthier size without feeling deprived? Are carbs evil or are they something that can be enjoyed in moderation?

Now, there is talk about "mindful eating." But what IS mindful eating? Is it a diet, or something different? And could it be the key to helping your employees make healthier food choices?

New Year, Good Habits? Helping Employees Keep Their Wellness Resolutions

It’s cliche, but true: Gym memberships skyrocket in January, as resolution-makers swear this is the year they’ll get in shape.

And yet by May, nearly 80 percent of new gym members will have stopped going. And by the end of the year, fewer than 10 percent will have felt like they kept their resolution.

As an employer, can you help things be different this year?

Two Steps to a Better Resolution

The New Year is upon us— let the resolutions begin! I’m sure by now you’ve heard that New Year’s resolutions never work.  Yet the beginning of the year  seems like the perfect time to set new goals and make plans for self-improvement.  How can you resist wanting to make a fresh start with the new year?   Don’t let the naysayers discourage you because there is never a bad time to make a change. There are some great ways to help make your resolutions work for you.  If you’d like to improve the success rate of any goal, plan or resolution, follow the tips in this incredibly powerful two-step process:

Ingredients: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Is all natural always better than artificial? Does our body recognize "bad" ingredients? The world of nutrition is confusing and filled with controversy. Join as we explore popular topics such as natural additives, food coloring, nitrates, and MSG.

Grains & Legumes: Yin and Yang

Grains and legumes share one important characteristic: neither are given the respect they deserve. Grains are criticized for their supposed weight gaining properties and legumes are hardly talked about at all. Tag along as we walk through the many wonders of grains and legumes.

Veggies: Your worst best friend

Vegetables really are your worst best friend. Not everyone loves them, but everyone needs them. Join us as we explore the king of the food kingdom—the almighty vegetable.