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How to Support LGBTQ+ Employees by Creating a Culture of Humility

While June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we’ve reached the point where companies must move beyond simply showing support for one month with messaging, media, and products.

Consider this month the opportunity to begin making LGBTQ+-affirming practices an inherent and essential part of your organization year-round.

But to do that, companies need a culture shift.

CSR, ESG, and DEI: Your Key to the Workplace Culture Employees Want

When it comes to choosing where they want to work, today’s employees value culture more than ever.

Yes, good compensation is still vital (we’ve all seen housing prices lately) but as the talent war heats up, many job-seekers find themselves juggling multiple competing offers. The tie-breaker? Whether the company shares and supports their values. As such, many businesses are taking a second look at their workplace culture, and how to improve it.

But … there’s a catch.

Getting Past the Top 5 Barriers to DEI Program Implementation


There’s an old adage that says, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

In the case of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program implementation, it would be more accurate to say, “If it were easy, everyone would do it well.”

As it turns out, there are often unexpected hurdles in the way of success.

How to Create a Successful Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Employee resource groups (ERGs) create a safe space for underrepresented employees to network and brainstorm ways to make their organizations more inclusive.

This can go a long way toward creating a corporate culture of belonging and inclusiveness. Not only will this help your people bring their complete, best selves to work, but it can support your business goals.

How to Launch Your DEI Program From Scratch

The idea of creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program from scratch can be daunting. You want to do it right and not just give lip service to employees and the greater community, but where do you start? And how do you make sure that your program resonates with every employee?

We talked to DEI Strategist and Facilitator, J. Israel Greene of Greene Consulting Group about creating an active and healthy DEI program and where to begin.

How Gender Pronouns Can Create Inclusivity and Allyship in the Workplace

Like most companies, you’ve likely been grappling with the idea of using gender pronouns in the workplace.

Should they be encouraged or required? It’s a slippery slope; you want to show company-wide support for your LGBTQIA employees, but forcing or pressuring the use of gender pronouns can backfire.

As we honor International Pronouns Day (October 20), there’s no better time to have these conversations internally and establish your company’s position on using gender pronouns.

6 Ways to Observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month—the perfect time to make preventive screenings a priority again.

And this year, it’s more important than ever. An alarming number of women and femme+ people have skipped their breast cancer screenings over the past two years. Your employees might be among that number.

Here are six creative ways you can observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month and get everyone in your company on board with making breast health and breast cancer awareness a priority.

6 Ways to Celebrate National Employee Wellness Month

Editor's Note: We recently updated this previously published post with new insights. Enjoy!

June is National Employee Wellness Month, and what a difference a year makes! Pandemic-related restrictions are slowly being lifted and life seems to be returning to some semblance of normalcy. There’s no better time to celebrate than this month when employees can once again get outside, resume their routines, and reconnect with friends and family.

Why a "Coaching Workplace" Is Key to Successfully Leading Remote Teams

In many companies, leading remote teams has become a new and ongoing reality as we move beyond pandemic-related social distancing and restrictions.

This puts a lot of pressure on those managers who’ve been “making it work” for over a year, fully expecting to return to an in-person environment.

How can they successfully lead remote teams for the long term?

Employee Wellness and the Future of Remote Work/the Hybrid Workplace

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the pandemic has permanently changed how we work.

And the changes are far from over.

Workforce industry analysts are predicting some key trends for the future of remote work and hybrid workplaces that will impact where people work and even what they do for work.

But where does employee wellness fit in?