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Onboarding Remote Employees: What’s Changed, How to Do it Right

Your onboarding process can set employees up for success right out of the gate, or leave them stumbling—and unsure if your company is the right fit for them.

But even if you already have a well-established onboarding process, it probably wasn’t designed with remote work in mind.

When your new employees are on the other side of a video chat, how can you give them a great onboarding experience?

Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health and Your Wellness Program

We already know attaining wellness is easier for some people than others. Some attribute it to motivation, others to body shape or genetics.

But what if it’s because of their neighborhood—or the society they live in?

You’ve likely heard the terms “health equity” and “social determinants of health.” As it turns out, paying careful attention to these two things can be key to increasing employee engagement and improving the health and well-being of employees.

6 Winter Wellness Challenge Ideas to Boost Employee Well-being

It’s a new year! That means new beginnings and a fresh start for all of your employees.

While it may be easy to stay motivated shortly after the New Year, colder weather and shorter days can ultimately wane the best of wintertime intentions. For your employees struggling now that the holiday season is over, this is the perfect time to give them ideas for staying active and productive instead of hibernating on the couch.

How to Support Employees Struggling With Emotional Eating

Emotions are often tied to food to some degree. After all, there's a reason why we call it comfort food. Certain foods just make us feel better emotionally.

But it can become a problem when you eat because you want to feel better emotionally—especially if that becomes how you process all of your negative emotions.

How to Create a Successful Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Employee resource groups (ERGs) create a safe space for underrepresented employees to network and brainstorm ways to make their organizations more inclusive.

This can go a long way toward creating a corporate culture of belonging and inclusiveness. Not only will this help your people bring their complete, best selves to work, but it can support your business goals.

How a Wellness Platform Can Contribute to Health Plan Member Wellness

Health plans rely on an understanding of member needs to create interventions that improve population health. That presents a challenge in the best of circumstances, but the pandemic added another nuance—delayed care.

While they were actively involved in providing access to the information, vaccinations and care members needed to prevent and treat COVID, health plans lost valuable insight into the health needs of their members … because routine checkups and tests were put on the back burner.

5 Health Benefits of Gratitude

This Thanksgiving, gratitude takes on a new level of poignancy as we reunite with loved ones and hold them tight. Despite everything, there’s still so much to be thankful for.

As it turns out, gratitude can also be a powerful tool to address the workplace mental health crisis.

How to Launch Your DEI Program From Scratch

The idea of creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program from scratch can be daunting. You want to do it right and not just give lip service to employees and the greater community, but where do you start? And how do you make sure that your program resonates with every employee?

We talked to DEI Strategist and Facilitator, J. Israel Greene of Greene Consulting Group about creating an active and healthy DEI program and where to begin.

Why Psychological Safety Training Is Essential to Workplace Mental Health

Most HR professionals are used to putting effort into workplace health and safety training.

But as companies increasingly focus on employee well-being, psychological safety training is making its way onto boardroom agendas.

What is workplace psychological safety training, why is it important, and how can companies support employees? To find out, we talked to Mettie Spiess, CPHSA, Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor.

How Your Wellness Program Can Improve Nursing Retention

Nurses are burning out.

The already-high stress of the job combined with the massive emotional and physical strain caused by the pandemic has pushed nurses to the brink—and beyond. Many are saying “enough,” and are not only quitting their jobs, but leaving the profession altogether.

We talked to Kym Ali MSN, RN, a workplace wellness consultant who specializes in helping health care companies alleviate employee burnout and increase retention.