Recognizing Employee Burnout: 7 Signs to Watch For

Employees often talk about feeling “burned out,” but are they really? True employee burnout is more than needing a temporary break from work or feeling briefly worn down by an intense project. Instead, it’s a state of chronic job stress that results in overall..

How Wellness Programs Revitalize Employees and Transform Corporate Culture

Today, company culture is about more than just a stable place to work, where you can retire after 25 years with a pin and a luncheon. It’s about finding a company that lifts you up with shared values and priorities, and a sense of community. This shift in the workplace..

Set Your Sights on Success: 7 Ways to Make Wellness Challenges Engaging

A Minnesota-based manufacturing company faced a common problem: The company had a wellness program, but its employees weren’t engaging with it. To make matters worse, these employees were a predominantly rural, older, male group—a notoriously tough nut to crack. So,..

Wellness Programs Are Today’s Hot Workplace Incentive

Nelnet, an education finance firm, routinely asks departing employees which perk they’ll miss most. The number one answer? The wellness program. To attract and retain today’s top talent, employers need to show they care about their employees’s well-being. And the best..

Injecting Purpose Into Your Wellness Program

I was talking to a friend about her recent decision to quit smoking. My questions were pretty common: "How many cigarettes do you smoke now? How many did you used to smoke each day? Where do you get your cigarettes?"

Smile, it’s good for your well-being.

It goes without saying that we’d prefer to encounter somebody who’s smiling rather than frowning. But let’s take a selfish moment to consider what a smile does for us. When we smile, it stimulates our brain’s “reward center.” It’s akin to the feeling experienced by a

Challenge #1

Some of the Best Wellness Program Rewards are Priceless

Those heavily loaded gift cards don’t always drive the most participation. We had a wellness challenge that invited our employees to build a new habit over a 30-day period. If the company as a whole did their new habits 75% of the time, the reward was that I (the CEO)

5 Tips for Designing Successful Wellness Challenges

If you have ever designed wellness challenges for your organization, you know that it is trickier than it looks. While poorly-designed challenges aren't necessarily created on purpose, when a not-so-great one launches and eventually fails, it fosters animosity towards..

Does Your Wellness Program Build Habits?

Is your wellness program helping change behavior and build habits or is it just putting more money into your employees’ pockets? It’s no secret that one of the biggest skepticisms of wellness programs is that they drive short-term behavior change to earn a reward..

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