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Companies with high workplace wellness program engagement share this approach...

Most companies understand the value of workplace wellness programs. Increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and employee satisfaction are just a few of the benefits.

The challenge is keeping employees engaged in those programs over time.

That’s where certain companies rise to the top. In fact, we’ve discovered that companies with 80% or higher employee engagement in workplace wellness programs all share something in common.

What is that common approach, you ask? They follow very specific best practices—and you can find out what those proven practices are.

In our guide, "Best Practices for Workplace Wellness Program Success," we share the best practices companies follow to achieve sky-high employee engagement in their workplace wellness programs, covering areas like:

  • Program structure and support
  • Wellness champion networks
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Incentive design
  • Communications
  • Biometric health screening
  • Outcomes programming

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