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WellRight Announces Major Rebrand: Your Plan, Your Way


CHICAGO — After a decade in business, WellRight, a corporate wellness leader delivering customizable and complete wellness programs, launched a brand refresh today to reflect the company’s commitment to continuous innovation in delivering comprehensive, holistic employee wellbeing programs.

WellRight has always been focused on building a wellness program with purpose. The new Your Plan, Your Way branding represents WellRight’s ability to evolve alongside participants’ personal wellbeing needs, bring together wellness solutions into a single platform, and empower organizations to realize their unique employee wellbeing visions. 

“Our new look and feel reflects our passion to help everyone live healthy and fulfilling lives through innovative solutions that work for each individual,” said Neepa Patel, CEO of WellRight. “We are proud of our continuous efforts toward being a best-in-class employee benefit solution, and our new branding reflects our forward-thinking culture and services.”

Implementing an organizational wellbeing program creates happier, healthier, and more involved employees, leading to greater productivity and retention. However, engagement in traditional wellness programs often dwindles over time because a static, one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all participants or administrators.

To maximize and sustain results, organizations must be able to adapt to participants’ distinctive and evolving needs. Participants remain engaged in a wellbeing program when they can find holistic content relevant to their lives, select their own journeys, and become invested through daily activities and an engaging interface. 

Organizations have the opportunity to add new solutions to meet these needs, but face the challenge of integrating these solutions in a seamless manner to avoid overloading their participants. The flexibility and scalability of the Your Plan, Your Way approach to wellbeing satisfies the needs of both program administrators and program participants.

WellRight’s customizable solution is flexible enough to fit any company’s needs and grow and adapt as those needs change. WellRight’s holistic approach addresses the six key dimensions of wellbeing: emotional, financial, occupational, social, and physical wellbeing, along with purpose, which ties everything together.

“Staffing and retention continue to be critical issues for employers, especially as they navigate remote and hybrid models of work. Now more than ever, organizations need a way to connect and engage teams in ways that are meaningful to them, and this rebrand positions us to help more organizations create that environment for their employees,” said Paul Danao, Chief Growth Officer, WellRight.   


About WellRight

WellRight’s program allows employees to choose their journey to achieve a higher sense of wellbeing. The Your Plan, Your Way platform gives administrators the confidence to pivot and scale their program to enhance employee engagement. Passionate, innovative advisors work closely with organizations to set the course for, and achieve, success.

Learn more at wellright.com.

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