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Investing in employee wellness makes sense. When employees know their company cares, they’re happy, healthy, and engaged as a team—resulting in a more productive workplace with lower healthcare costs and less turnover.

And what company wouldn’t want that?

When we looked around, however, we saw an unmet need for employee wellness programming that was also fun, fresh, flexible, and engaging.

That’s why we started WellRight.

Our purpose IS purpose

For a wellness program to be truly effective, employees need to uncover why they want to be healthy. They need to explore the deep-down, heartfelt fears and hopes that drive their behavior and their habits, and find their reason—their true purpose—for making positive changes.

At WellRight, the same philosophy applies to how we do business. It might sound funny, but our purpose is helping people find their purpose.

Our purpose is purpose at WellRight
WellRight purpose

It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, drives our strategies, and keeps us moving through any obstacles. (Well, that, and the occasional cup of coffee.)

Every step our company takes, both big and small, is done with the goal of delivering a corporate wellness program and platform that helps employees find the motivation and develop the habits they need to effect real and lasting change.

Every company is the sum of its people—including ours

At WellRight, we believe companies are so much more than their brand or what they produce. They’re made up of individual people, each with different needs, lifestyles, motivations, and circumstances.

Want to get to know some of the individuals on our team, why we're so excited about employee wellness, and whether or not we eat kale for lunch?


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