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Your company has its own unique needs, and so do your employees. Unfortunately, many wellness companies offer one-size-fits-all programming and a static platform, reducing your options and making it harder for you to find something that will get your people excited about wellness.

WellRight is different.

With a highly configurable platform, over 300 challenges (and counting!) and certified account managers, WellRight is proven to drive employee engagement, improve health outcomes, and create a culture of caring.

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WellRight has a wide range of challenges and activities that address full-person wellness, for more comprehensive, customized wellness programming.

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WellRight Wellness Platform and Program

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Samara Timms, Director of Benefits and Wellness, Point Loma Nazarene University"Health outcomes across multiple conditions have shown double-digit percentage improvements, including a staggering 42 percent drop in pre-diabetes rates."
−Samara Timms, Director of Benefits and Wellness, Point Loma Nazarene University