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Remote Work Challenge: How to Maintain a Cohesive Company Culture From Your Living Room


According to a Glassdoor survey, 56% of employees find a good workplace culture to be more important than salary.

During this uncertain period of time, when employees continue to work remotely, maintaining a strong company culture is more important than ever.

Without a strong company culture, recruiting new hires gets harder, top talents leave the company, and low morale leads to low productivity.

But how can you maintain a cohesive and healthy company culture when everybody's working from home?

To help, we've partnered up with 360Learning, industry experts in employee education and development, on a live panel dedicated to HR, L&D, and people development teams.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What it takes to build and maintain a company culture that people live and breathe every day–even when people are working remotely
  • Our tried-and-tested tools, frameworks, and practices to keep remote teams engaged in asynchronous yet collaborative work
  • Why employee wellness matters even more when your teams are working remotely
  • How to support the individual needs of your employees through tailored wellness activities
  • How to build resilience and help your employees stay connected and engaged

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About the Panelists:

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Jonah Goldstein 

Head of Learning, 360Learning



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Gina Gonzalez

HR Manager, WellRight





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